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Quote for the Day:


Never allow another person to define you.
Never allow another to do harm
to anyone or anything in this world,
in your presence.
Never allow anyone to take your power away.
Never allow anyone to put you down.
Never allow anyone to not let you speak.
Never allow anyone’s opinions
to come out your mouth.
You get to decide if you are an
autonomous, independent,
evolved, spiritual being,
or if you are a puppet being played.~Suzanne Wagner~

Numerology and Astrology

Numerology/Astrology for 7/26/19


7/26/19 is the number 9. I have an internal file that is about the intuitive hits I get and which ones pan out and which ones either are metaphors or are in a different timing than anticipated. Completion comes for me when those things on the list get checked off because they manifested in some form. There are cycles in life. Those cycles have obvious ways that they develop, are denied, are ignored, are grown, and like a virus how they leap back into the picture in a massive wave of force that attempts to overwhelm the psyche and circumstances. Just like a virus, completion is when the immune system kicks in and takes control of the situation again. Completion is when the body brings systems back on line and back into balance. Take a look at what you are fighting inside and outside. And do what it takes to reclaim that balance in your life.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Astrology Today


Four planets will be linked to the Moon today (Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Mercury). You will have the ability to support organization of what is important to you, a strong empathy for people and situations, your communication skills are heightened and fed by the emotions coursing through your body/mind, and your sexual energy is seeking a healthy outlet. Use this energy while you have it as the Moon in Taurus is waning.

One of the weaknesses is that you probably do not feel that you have the energy that you want. Getting things done feels challenging. Your focus, direction, and purpose seem a bit off. Take your time. don’t rush through anything. Stress will make it worse. Everything says that you need to slow down. You would be wise to listen. All rules seem to limit progress. Restrictions feel heavy. Figuring out how to coordinate with others and work around everyone’s wants and desires seems arduous.

Feelings are very sensitive and you are feeling vulnerable and sentimental. Directions are changing. You want a change. Perhaps it is a change of direction, a change of location, or a change of priorities.

With the Moon in Taurus sextiling Neptune you will continue to face challenges. You are being pushed into personal development. Perhaps that personal development needs to be artistically, perhaps it is intuitively. There are places of extraordinary talent that you have yet to explore. Give yourself a flight of fancy.

The Moon sextiles Mercury in Cancer. While you will be highly communicative and your judgement feels sound. Independence is the doorway to open-mindedness. A really essential piece that is needed right now.

The Moon sextile Venus. Do your best to be courteous, adaptable, and flexible. Focus on your family. Do your best to avoid fighting with others. Forcing any issue will not make it work better. In fact, resistance is going to make all situations more miserable.

Notice the internal and external indecision. Fear is holding you back from taking action.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Blog for the Day:

I remember those moments when I wanted to believe what someone said. I remember being able to justify distorted information as a part of their personality and the quirks that make people unique. But I quickly learned that allowing distortions to go unchecked and unchallenged leads deeper into delusion, distortion, justification, and mental instability.
I find it is my duty and obligation to see past the projections of the ego and into the heart and soul of each person. Because some do not even realize what they are doing or why. Certain behaviors were learned and repeated again and again to the point that they believe that they are part of who they are. But they are distortions of desire from a past upset or trauma that continues to manifest and loop like a broken record. Such things come across as inauthentic, false, odd, untrue, and avoidance of something they do not want to face.
I know so many that have very good hearts but hold tremendous fear of rejection. So they tend to fall into patterns of complacency and do nothing. I find that “doing nothing” is probably one of the worst things you can do. Because you allow whatever the pattern is to gather momentum and move forward unchecked. To me it is no different than seeing someone with a gun in their hands and ignoring it. Ignoring that obvious gun is a response based on fear. Denied fear. Because there are many choices and options that you could do that would be appropriate but doing nothing can cause an outcome that would perhaps not be so great.
I personally appreciate when someone attempts to show me where I might be off center. It is not easy for anyone to be called out. But I prefer to surround myself with those that can constructively give feedback so that I can evolve and grow. Discomfort is a necessity to growth.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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