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Quote for the Day:


“To become aware of the subtlety of
nature you need to be alert. The
moment you become alert you
become still … thinking subsides.
That is actually a higher state of
consciousness than thinking.”

~Eckhart Tolle~

Numerology and Astrology

Numerology/Astrology for 9/7/18


9/7/18 is the number 9. The number 9 calls for you to step beyond the tangible into the intangible energy of life. There is an amazing subtlety that permeates all things in this world that often in this human form we miss because we live in the obvious and forget to feel underneath into the other energies that also co-exist with us and allow us to be alive and to thrive. The magic lies below your conscious reality. The glue that connects all things lives below your awareness. Seek that which is less obvious. Seek that which has the sustainability to make all things interconnect. When you learn to live from the place of the subtle, live becomes a marvel to behold.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today

With the Moon in Leo, the need for appreciation in how we conduct ourselves is strong. Let out your more playful side? Let out your warmth and generosity.

There is a slight hesitation emotionally today, regardless of that Moon in Leo. Notice if you feel distracted or are having a hard time focusing. And cut yourself some slack. Return to your center and find that tenderness inside that has concern and that really cares about this world and others. Then move from there.

There is a feeling that you are out of sorts on a subtle, energetic plane of existence. Your body is noticing that something is out of kilter. Like the world is spinning slightly out of balance and you with it. Sometimes the subtle reality breaks through the density of our mind and irritates us to notice. This is one of those days. It feels like a burden to be one of those that notices and is feeling how the world is calling out to you to awaken and to awaken others because there is a huge fire in a sleeping house. All you can do is run through the house and do your very best to shake others awake.

The world continues to feel frustrated, powerless, and tense. You can feel and obviously see the undermining of many things and regardless of what you try, it seems nothing will stop a train from barreling down the tracks towards a bridge that is out. You recognize now that regardless of the speed of that train, you will have to take the risk to leap off or you too will go off the end of the bridge. Prepare for that moment and wait for the crystal clear knowing.

It is going to be your steady focus and clear, reductive thinking that will get you through these moments.

There are aspects happening that let you know that you can think big but you cannot go fast in this moment. And that things begun now are for the posterity of life itself. and that is worth taking the time for.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Blog for the Day:

Let life find the way
to keep the fear and chaos at bay.
May sanity find the illusive doors
to the places that the mind ignores.
We cannot win but perhaps we cannot totally lose
all that was good from all those abused.
I send out light to those asleep
I send out love to those who weep.
This world suffers on, not in silence anymore
But will those in power care or abhor?
I care for more and I know you do too.
I know that the heart of people know what’s true.
May the truth come through and out.
Make it clear without a doubt.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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Location: 850 E 9400 S, Suite 101, Sandy, UT 84094
Cost $300 per person for the weekend

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