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It is the mark of an educated mind
to be able to entertain a thought
without accepting it.


Numerology and Astrology

Numerology/Astrology for 6/17/18

6/17/18 is the number 7. The number 7 resonates with wisdom and good fortune. Wisdom comes from experience. So never stop yourself from having great experiences in life. That is how you help your brain to evolve and take in essential information that makes you a better person. You cannot have discernment and real mental stability and clarity if you isolate yourself and believe completely what you think. The more you educate yourself the more refined and precise your mind becomes. And a precise mind is a kind and open-minded mind. One that is curious to see things from many angles of perception. An open mind finds the ways of others interesting and informative. It recognizes that we are all shaped by our own cultures, foods, ideas, spiritual beliefs, and experiences. It would be impossible to have all the angles of perception in one life, but we can learn vicariously from the lives, stories, and experiences of others. It is in the sharing that we can grow. But when you judge another you do not allow in the wisdom of that person’s experience in favor of your own. Then your box in which you live becomes more and more narrow until you become so uncomfortable that you must stretch beyond the form you presently choose to occupy. What is the strategy for growth? Openness. What is the indicator that you are a healthy, growing, evolving person? Compassionate grace.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today
Happy Father’s Day! I am so grateful to all the wonderful fathers in the world that help, support, and love their children and family. May the world create more and more competent and strong men in the world. There is a playful, creative Leo Moon all day, giving more fulfilling time to spend with your father. For those whose fathers are on the other side, take a moment to reflect on the good times and the deep love and caring that your fathers gave you and that created the foundation for who you are now in the world. Seek out diversity today. This is a powerful time for mental rapport and useful, two-way conversations as Gemini wants to find the balance and open up the conversation with the Leo Moon. Be sure to take the high road today. Let that Leo Moon’s generosity of spirit help you expand and grow. You feel more creative and generous with your feelings. Be sure to take pride in what you can accomplish today.

Draw upon your inner wisdom or your sixth sense and intuition to understand what’s happening around you today. Who knows, you might discover previously hidden or unacknowledged talents that emerge.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Blog for the Day:

On this lovely day to celebrate our Father’s, I reflect on the great gifts that my own gave me. He had a smile that could light up a room and dimples that exploded out his cheeks. He had a wicked sense of humor and loved to tease when someone was being obviously ridiculous. In my house you learned very quickly that external ridicule could come very quickly from actions taken from emotional impulse rather than balanced with clear, concise, cognitive research and information.

People often comment that I have so much information in my head and that I seem to know so many things. I have to credit my father for that. He was a man that did not tolerate intellectual laziness. He distained people who had a little knowledge and believed that they knew everything.

He clearly taught me that knowing everything is very difficult if not impossible to do. That is why you always kept an open mind but used your mind to notice where someone’s words and actions do not align.

In his world words were cheap and used to manipulate those less intelligent and less informed. He believed it was essential to look between the lines of what people said to the underlying potential manipulation that all egos use to make others align with them and follow.

He said that there were many “herd” humans that just followed along. But to be a wolf, especially a lone wolf was much more difficult but much more fulfilling. To be the wolf you have to be aware of your surroundings and notice the patterns and tendencies of others. You have to know their habits and preferences and be able to merge with them in order to anticipate their actions. Most people are just going along with the “herd”. Completely oblivious to their surroundings and believe that they are protected by the larger group. That creates a pattern of laziness and a mind that is more asleep than awake.

He said that most will never wake up in a lifetime. They will just follow along and believe what they are told so that they do not have to think. In that way, they get the feeling of belonging that they so desperately need to make their insecure self, feel safe. But lions are always lurking in the tall grass and that safety is never assured or absolute. Life is never a guarantee and a lapse in awareness has long term and sometimes devastating consequences.
Once you realize that then the only choice is to become that wolf or that lion and step into a more awakened state of being. And to be willing to look at everything with fresh eyes and an objective mind.

I appreciate my father on this special day. Because of him, I am who I am. Because of him, I see the world with wolf eyes. Because of him I know myself and do not need to belong to the “herd”. Because of him, I see the lie hidden between the lines of words of others. Because of him, I observe the world with wonder and delight. Because of him, I am not asleep. And I feel blessed for the struggles that have helped me see past the obvious and into the sublime.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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