Suzanne Wagner Quote – What do you care?



What do you care if the world should end?
What does it matter if governments do not bend?
Where do you live and in what time do you perceive you are?
Perhaps you are reaching for that illusion from afar.
The only game is the “Here and Now.
The past glories are dead anyhow.
You are not safe; your life is going to change.
There are those in charge that are actually deranged.
They want to destroy your water and air.
They want to make laws and refuse to repair.
Their hearts are black and their souls have been bought.
And they are many in number and protect each other’s lot.

What will you do as they take everything away?
What will it take for you to stand up and say?
How bad will you allow it to get?
Before you admit that you believed their poisonness gazette.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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