2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium Interview with Beth Ann McMerrick

Beth Ann McMerrick will be teaching a class on: “Love your Money like you Love your Best Friend” at the 2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium. This is what her class is going to be about. I hope you lovely ladies out there see the value in learning to be the Master of your own Financial Potential.

Have you had the experience of getting unexpected money and what happens? Something blows up or breaks down! Every time you are back to square one! Why does that happen?     Money has been one of the most painful issues. Many of us find ourselves living from paycheck to paycheck, feeling guilty about what we can’t do and don’t know where to change the direction of our Financial Destiny.    Learn the Top 5 ways to Increase your Financial Frequency, Raise your Money Vibration, Keep and Attract More Money.


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