Suzanne’s Dance with a Ruptured Appendix – Proof my body loves this life

Yes, some of you have wondered what happened to the Daily Numerology and Astrology. Well I ended up in the hospital with a burst appendix. Thank god for the help of Melanie Lake with her herbal suggestions before I knew what was up. Thank god for Dr. Lin Bin and Robert Young at the Center for Enhanced Wellness that had it pinned down to probably appendicitis that was that not presenting normally and gave me the final red flag symptom to know that I should go to the emergency room.

Blessings to Dr. Mitchell at St Marks Hospital for leaping into the fray and discovering that I had not only a burst appendix from about a week ago but that my body had tried to save my life by wrapping my colon around it like a snake and trying to strangulate it. Thus containing the worst toxic rush possible. Dr. Mitchell said my appendix was dead, necrotic, and a terrible color of black and green. One of the worst he had seen.

I am finally home at my friends home in Olympus and my husband is flying in shortly. Of course he had his big final interview with a company that is doing a 150 megawatt system, the day I went into the hospital. Interesting how these things go. And he is on his way here.

So the good news is that I am fine. The bad news is that I am moving a bit slowly. I am taking off this next week to recover. I may start back to work in Utah before then but I am giving myself the time to regroup. Thanks for listening and understanding.



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