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Numerology/Astrology for 9/9/19

9/9/19 is the number 3. The ride of life is supposed to be fun and wild. There is nothing tame about this reality unless your fear has placed you in a very small box and you have chosen to limit your experiences. Life is fraught with ups and downs, disappointments and pleasures, creation and destruction. It is a circle of life in this dimension and it really is just a way we are playing out scenarios of conquest, conflict, passion, and play. Take this moment to feel into this present time. And just observe and notice the energy threads and patterns twisting, knotting, unfolding, and breaking. A constant and timeless shift of the patterns that call us to awaken. Some awaken in crisis. Some awaken and become their best self in peaceful moments of precious beauty. But too many have been asleep and unwilling to awaken at all. And it is those souls that have manifested this moment. Everyone has something that makes them willing to change. Change is what the number 3 is all about. But more importantly, it is about learning to embrace the changes regardless of what you believed you wanted or what you intended to co-manifest. After all, you don’t always get what you want. You will get what is needed. Sometimes, what is needed is a global shift of consciousness that is so great that the circumstances move in ways that perhaps you did not recognize was needed. What I embrace is the call that requires the sorting of truth from delusion. What I embrace is the young hearts that see past the wounding of those still in hate and prejudice. What I embrace are those that will not follow where powerful people lead when they are wrong and moving from hate. What I embrace is that spark of humanity within the potential of suffering.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Pluto and Mercury are in a favorable position today and it could bring some opportunity into your life. There is a flow of energy today that can help you move past a block that seems to inhibit your magnificent self. Let this energy help you be the best you can be.

The Moon is in the forward thinking place of Aquarius. Are you receptive to joy? That is the question. Connecting to others is important and the social requirements of humanity is a very real thing. Too many right now are alone or money. Take a look around and reach out to those that are in your immediate vicinity. Start a conversation. Find out who are you neighbors. Now practice common sense. Don’t reach out if someone is obviously off center and not really willing. But there are many that could use your company. Aquarius Moons are about using common sense to find simple solutions to obvious problems.

With the Moon in Capricorn trining Venus in Virgo, life is prepping for some new developments and the upcoming modifications are going to requires your ability to adapt. Explode your heart open and from that place of willingness you can find solutions to the problems that others are expressing.

No matter what keep grounded. Think and feel before you act. Some are having a hard time settling down and can have short tempers. Let some of those fresh ideas bring others together. Learn to direct your ideas and do what you see and feel compelled to do. If you feel directionless, you are just not facing the everyday realities that keep showing up.

Don’t put others on a pedestal. Everyone is human and everyone is down here doing karma. Pay attention to what you need for spiritual development. When you are rushing you are prone to misperceiving others in ways that can manifest disappoints later.

~Suzanne Wagner~



When you only look at the past
you are doomed to repeat
the upsets again and again.
When you look towards the future
with endless idealism
you do not see the steps
that present to help you
create that potential.
Only by staying in the present
can you empower changes
that ripple across time.
Only in the now,
is there that illusive moment
when you can perceive magic
as it unfolds.

~Suzanne Wagner~




I am a rider through time.
I stand in the present and
watch for the waves of magic
that spontaneously open
And in that momentary window
you can choose to see
the future or to step past
the present and onto the
threads that connect
the various timelines
and dimensions of space.
But you must be quick.
Hesitation is not a trait
that will give you clarity.
~Suzanne Wagner~





The thunder rolls in the horizon.
Chariots crossing some
important ground in an endless sky.
Going somewhere.
Reminding us of what is coming.
Do you stand and face the wind?
Are you afraid of what is to come?
The lines are drawn again and again.
The moment arrives
and takes hold of hearts.
Some fight for right.
Some fight for peace.
Some fight just because.
Some fight to feel powerful.
Others pick fights and like to sit back
and watch the destructive patterns of man.
And some don’t fight in this manifestation of ego.
Some watch it unfold again and again.
Witnesses to the power of human carnage.
The historians who tell the tales.
In their attempt to evolve
humanity past barbarianism.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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