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Numerology/Astrology for 9/9/18

9/9/18 is the number 11. The number 11 is represented by the Moon. The Moon illuminates those things that hide from the light of day. It is at night in the moon light that many animals come out to seek food and others. Today, can illuminate something that might have been hidden in the shadows. But now you have a greater ability to see it in its natural clarity. Sit as the silent knower in the darkness and feel the energy of the life all around you. From a calm place, remain aware of all things happening around you with a detached perspective. If you can sit in your own darkness and face what frightens you the most, you learn about your own duality and then can become whole. You cannot be whole by polarizing only towards the light. Denial will not help you find enlightenment. Let go of your fear of making a mistake and from your center do what you are compelled to do. In that way you will have no regrets.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The New Moon happens at 11:01 AM PDT (18 degrees Virgo). So if you had any rituals that you might want to do to release and let go of the old. That would be the moment to do them. I like to write them out, dig a hole and bury them. The earth element is very strong at this time so using it in the ritual is in alignment with the greater good. Earth advises you to be practical and the water from Neptune asks you to pay attention to your emotional needs. The season is changing so it is time to clean out and clear out things, inside and out. Look at doing some cleanses and getting organized and efficient in your world. There are challenges to your relationships, values and ambitions that have been building energy for the last several days now. In the light of this new moon, perhaps some clarity will be revealed. Venus has moved into Scorpio early this morning and will be in this sign until mid-December. This is quite a long time compared to her normal three weeks in a sign. The goddess of love, marriage, money and diplomacy (Venus) will turn retrograde on October 5th. In this moment you get a peek into what is coming later in October. The astrology wants you to ask if your actions are in alignment with what you say you value (or are you saying one thing and doing another? There was a similar energy going on over the summer when assertive Mars was retrograde. Uranus is rattling your cage to get you unstuck so you can open to innovative new possibilities.

The fog is attempting to lift off your eyes to reveal the course that you need to follow. Make sure you understand before you shift. The ground underneath you is soft so it is a time to step cautiously.

Notice if you are repeating yourself. It is all about focus. If you are focused and directed in your energy then one word or phrase should be sufficient. If it isn’t then the person is not ready or able to hear you. So then it is wise to be still and wait for an opening.

As so much in the world is unsettled and strained, do your best to relax and not obsess. That reactive restlessness cause lead to poor choices. Restraint now will give you clarity and rewards later.

~Suzanne Wagner~


As Albert Einstein once said to me: “Two
Things are infinite: the universe and
human stupidity.” But what is much
more widespread than the actual
stupidity is the playing stupid, turning
off your ear, not listening, not seeing …
playing helpless.

~Frederick Salomon Perls~




I remember years ago that when I was in my 20’s I decided that because I was letting go of being a ballet dancer that I needed to do a ritualistic death process. I needed to let the ballerina go and find out what was under that ego projection of that archetype that I had lived and loved. So I literally dug myself a grave in the backyard. Now, the backyard was one street below the BLM land and we had many small and large creatures that would move through our property. I dug this 2-foot hole shaped like a coffin and decided to bring blankets and a pillow and spend the night there. It was summer, and I thought this would be a great way to be in the New Moon and be born into the new light in the morning. Well, let’s just say that nature and my own divine guidance had another idea. The clouds came in and the wind with it. The leaves were rustling like in a scary movie and I found myself getting more and more scared. I felt vulnerable, exposed, like I was going to be someone’s dinner. I knew this was ridiculous because I was in my own backyard and while it was shaped in a way that really did not need fences, I still felt very vulnerable. I have always known that I have had a lot of fear inside and my life seems to be this dance to understand and embrace fear. I had grown a lot already. At least I thought so until that moment. Facing the elements at night suddenly had this almost primal terror associated with it. And I felt my ancestral line that had faced the unknown cowering around fires together to keep the darkness at bay. I wondered what is was that made darkness so frightening. As I contemplated my fear I hear a sound of something coming down the hill towards me. It seemed to crash through the underbrush and my mind exaggerated it out of proportion so that by the time it was on top of me it was going to be something like a bear in size and weight. I was afraid that it was going to step on me. So before it did that I sat up abruptly in front of it like a poltergeist rising from a grave and said, “Go away!” My heart was racing, and my blood was pumping. The wind was blowing, and I saw that in front of me was a very startled raccoon. I recognized later how lucky I was that it had not been a skunk, because that very frightened raccoon went tearing up the hill, like I was the biggest bear chasing it. Then I realized how silly I had been being. How fear makes everything into something that it is not and that how much I had lived a very safe and protected life. I spent the rest of that night sleeping soundly in nature, oblivious to any other sounds after that. The adrenaline had wiped me out and I need to go unconscious. But I did feel how the earth did support me and that from that point on I knew I was safe.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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