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Numerology/Astrology for 9/8/19

9/8/19 is the number 2. Sometimes the slightest shift in perspective is all you need to see where someone else is coming from. Not that you need to agree with them but understanding the methods and mental sequences that have allowed them to get to a particular conclusion is helpful on many levels. What we lack right now in this world is that deeper understanding. Because people make mistakes all the time. And they will continue to do just that. But rarely are people making mistakes because they want to mess it up. They are often deceived by information and their own wounds pull them into places that force them to face what they do not want to face within. That is how we learn. Revealing the duality in life is painful. Seeing the corruption in life is horrifying. Recognizing how you have been used and consciously manipulated by others for their own gain is disheartening. But waking up is hard to do. And in this world where there is so much overt exploitation, it is important that we go through that pain of awakening. That is the only way things will actually change.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Sunday is “Grandparents Day”. A perfect time to get together with those that have given so much to us throughout the years. Do something and make a few memories, as the energy changes quickly. Astrologically, the morning is a lot of mixed energies because one part of you wants to go off on an adventure, and another part wants to tend to practical tasks. Whatever you decide, don’t feel bad because you can’t fit everything in. Connections with others is more important anyway. Sunday evening is great for deep conversations and discussing practical topics.

There is a square between the Sun and Jupiter in the evening. Just remember that you are not the “Lord” of anything. Stay humble and listen to the concerns of others also.

This day is filled with spirit and vitality. Know that the Moon, Uranus, Mars, the Sun, and Neptune are attempting to work together. It is good to allow that positive energy to flow through you also.

The Trine of Mars and the Moon gives you the willpower, courage, and conviction to step forward with something.

The Conjunction between the Moon and Saturn wants to hold you back. (I know! It feels a bit push/pull.) Notice if your mind gets melancholic and a bit down about something. Remember, you cannot go back. Accept all choices from the past and know that you are here to learn. In learning, you have to make choices that don’t feel great so you can find what is true for you. While the past is often viewed through rose-colored glasses, you may see this moment as not satisfactory. And I would agree. All of us can do better. All of us can behave with more understanding of how our choices create consequences and make better decisions. You will notice the lack of sincerity in others. But do no judge, some do not know who they are anyway and they put on masks to hide their perceived weaknesses. Know that in the end, each of us need to depend upon ourselves.

The Sun in Virgo is trining the Moon in Capricorn. This is great for taking care of others and supporting relationships in growing and deepening.

The Sun squares Jupiter. This will bring up some discussions, contradictions, and potential disputes. Notice if you are being obstinate and make a different choice.

The Moon sextile Neptune supports artistic expressions and the desire to seek more knowledge and information. Your intuition and determination is your guide.

Mercury trines Pluto. You have the courage to face the challenges and move your personal development to a high level. Writing is a great expression for this energy.

Mars trines Saturn and it will feel as if you need to build up some stamina to perform your work better. You feel excited and have a zest for life. If you stay on course and keep to the plan you will eventually have success. Make a choice. Make a decision and know that your heart will not let you down.

The Moon conjunction Pluto can make outbursts the theme of the day for some. Those sitting the edges of stress can easily fall right off. Do your best to keep your emotions in check because letting them get out your mouth will cause conflicts and potential crises.

The Moon trine Mercury awakens your mind and helps you learn where you hidden talents might lie. You can focus better and this clarity brings a welcome improvement into this new and altered timeline. Things begin to make sense.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The best definition of insanity is inflexibility.
It creates a brittle and fragile mind.
~Suzanne Wagner~


When you attempt to control others
you give another the power to control you.
The mind cannot be controlled.
The spirit that resides within
your being is eternally wild and free.
Once you understand that,
you will give much more
permission for everyone to be
exactly as they are.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Emotions loose power
in the space of permission.
It is in the resisting
of expressing them
that the anxiety
and fear resides.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The truth is;
When you find what you are seeking
you may not like it.
After all, we overlook truth all the time.
~Suzanne Wagner~




Can you see that you are playing with drama?
You are here to explore and experience depth in life.
This thing you call work is your “play” of discovery.
If you try to learn something every day, you are a scholar.
If you are intent upon unlearning something every day
you are a seeker of divine truth.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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