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Numerology/Astrology for 9/7/19

9/7/19 is the number 10. Do you place your power in giving? Do you place your power in honesty? Within each of us is a spark of divine light that gives us power to manifest and create. Some want to create for their own glory and fame. But that type of manifestation will dwindle over time and fade into the darkness of ego. And that spark will flame but then die. That spark will survive and thrive when you power is given to others to help, support and uplift. When the giving of that energy within you is not for the self but for others. Then that spark burns brighter and stronger. Bringing a type of light into the deepest places of your soul.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Venus is in a supportive trine to Pluto today directing your passions in a more positive direction.

Mercury and Neptune oppose early in the day. So just be aware that you may not be seeing others in a true light. Illusions proliferate and unrealistic discrepancies are bound to come out. Your concentration and thinking may be challenged. You mind may want to wander and notice where you have neglected yourself. There will be critical details that you need to address and notice when your thoughts become defeatist in tone. Use this energy to be more creative to dream up new ideas and ways to handle the challenges presenting.

Venus and Uranus have a minor square and unusual situations prompt you to take action. Freedom is desired and relationships can be unpredictable.

This morning the Moon moves from Sagittarius into the more serious and focused sign of Capricorn. Duty calls and your personal life is not the priority at the moment. You seem to have less time than normal for your own personal goals.

The Moon tines Uranus giving heightened awareness and a more persuasive conversation. New paths open up and new methods are willing to be tried.

~Suzanne Wagner~


For those who do not guard their morals,

Prayers are but wishful thinking.

For those who do not practice what they preach,

Oratory is but faithless lying.

~Songs of Milarepa~







As the wind begins to softly howl
and the rain falls from the sky.
I wonder at this world and how much
I care deeply for all of life.
The rains do not come when you call.
They come when the tree and plants are in need.
You cannot control the magic of nature.
It listens with ears that hear yearning not yelling.
The man that makes the chimes
knows to sing to the wind.
His song is a response
to the breezes that bless the land.
There is no request in the song
just a response to the blessings of wind.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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