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Numerology/Astrology for 9/6/19


9/6/19 is the number 9. It is time to finish up something. You might finally realize that certain things and people are to be released. You cannot always walk with someone the whole way through a lifetime. Each person has a set of lessons that they are required to address. Some may or may not include your presence. And that is okay and the way of things. Know that those that really are connected to you, never really leave. They just have to move in ways that there are lessons that may not align with yours. The lesson always in life is to let go. Completion is a choice and an action. You cannot complete things for others, you can only do it for yourself. A teacher of mine a long time ago said, If you think letting go of your ego is tough, just wait till you have to let go of your body. Your body is designed to try to stay alive at all costs. I see that in so many that are attempting to leave and go back to the Divine. The wonder why they are still here. I think surrender is the ultimate lesson in life.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Friday, you just might want to sneak off to the park for lunch. Nature is the answer to the feeling that you need to escape. And that is okay.

Productively, you are on target. Things feel stable under a Sun trine Saturn because you are grounded and more organized. Things flow better and you are less distracted. Your concentration makes you feel as if those things you have been putting to the side are finally getting done. The only drawback is that you might not want anyone interrupting you and if they do you might be a bit stern. The more you face the reality the more you will address your personal responsibilities. Know that there are those out there that might have some good advice that will help you out. With Mercury getting ready to appose Neptune, you are not quite ready to put both feet into something. You are standing outside an open gate. It is up to you to decide what you want.

Venus trines Pluto and you are seeing the value to pacing yourself and being more strategic in your approach. It might be time to make some new connections and your business might gain ground with some new personal connections.

Mercury and Jupiter uniting makes you want to have your actions about justice. Because there is a bit of an awkward energy before they come together you need to be careful to not be controversial. You may not trust someone or something today. Rather than make some big decision, sit on it for a bit and get your bearings first.

You are attempting to make some bridges where there were none before. It is a good time to make those contacts work and you can help your career in doing that.

Risk is not advised right now. Emotions are too high to make decisions clear and accurate. Best to wait and see how something moves.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The reason people fall from grace
is that empty words have dried their mouths.
Explanations without merits are exhausting to listen to.
And one recognizes their virtues are conditional
upon getting their worldly desires.

Unpurified minds make claims and boasts.
Habitual thoughts allow evil to rise.
And as that darkness consumes their good fortune,
those that believed in the illusion with be
confused and perplexed.
~Suzanne Wagner~









In a sad mood the disciples
then asked the Jetsun
to preach to them
of the sufferings of the asuras.
In response, he sang:

Great are the asuras’ sufferings.
Misled by malignant thoughts,
To all they bring misfortunes
Knowing not their true Self-mind
Their deeds are self-deceiving,
Their feelings course, their senses crude,
Deeming all to be their foes,
Not even for a moment
Can they know the truth.

Evil by nature, they can hardly bear a loss;
Harder is benevolence for them to cherish.
Blinded by the Karma-of-Belligerence,
Never can they take good counsel.

All nature such as this is caused
By seeking pleasures for oneself
And bearing harmful thoughts towards others.
Pride, favoritism, vanity, and hatred
Are the evil Karmic Forces
That drake one to a lower birth,
Making sinful deeds more easy.

Ripening Karma brings (to them)
An instinctive hatred;
Failing to distinguish right from wrong,
They can hardly be helped by any means.
Bear, oh my disciples, this in your minds
And meditate with perseverance all your lives!
~Sixty Songs of Milarepa~
Translated by Karma C. C. Chang


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