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Numerology/Astrology for 9/4/19

9/4/19 is the number 7. It is a perfect day to put some new structures into place in your life. A new rhythm seems to come into the mix and you are finding the patterns that serve this present cycle. Kids are back in school and life has an agenda that begins to run itself. There are things that just have to be done and you can surrender to that agenda without a lot of fuss. Just do what is right in front of you in each moment and you will get though that pile of things that need to be accomplished.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Today is a day to persevere. Handle things with the skills you already have in place. You have your creative expression, your love, and your connection to others. That should be enough. There is more activity in the early afternoon so use those gifts with joy and intention.

With the Moon trine Neptune, you just might get pleasantly surprised. Your imagination is open and your intuition is strong.

With the Moon and Pluto sextile, your feel adventurous and feel that desire to travel.

Venus opposes Neptune in the early morning. Know that things will not run smoothly because you or other feel overextended. You might feel as if anyone asks you for one more thing you will crack. There is tension and sometimes dramatic developments. Circumstances seem confusing and it seems everyone has some emotional condition that they have to have. If you have not been paying attention the money and how you deal with relationships, there could be problems. Venus likes to seduce you into putting a veil over your eyes and helping you believe what you want to believe. Don’t do things that register to others as harsh or vulgar.

This evening as you go to bed the Moon goes into Sagittarius. The restlessness and unsettled energy you have been feeling seems to shift and your focus more on discovering what is really true and right for you.

Today, you are more emotionally vulnerable too patterns of deceit. It is not a good day to make a big decision.

Mercury is heading towards a trine to Saturn, giving you the ability to have great detail in your work. Learning progresses in a step by step pattern.

~Suzanne Wagner~


What will today bring?
Perhaps a smile will crack
your face wide open in laughter.
Perhaps you will help
another with a problem.
Do something that makes
a difference in the world.
Help those in need.
Practice kindness in all forms.
Open hearts with your authentic self.
The world needs a bit of care from you.
And you have more than
enough to spare.
And when you decide
to give it away,
it multiplies.
~Suzanne Wagner~







I have noticed that different places that I have lived all carry various telepathic agreement fields. A Telepathic Agreement Field is an energy pattern that was formed by an emotional vibration of consensus. It is usually based on belief systems and cultural norms. It is game that I like to play when I travel around because it is interesting to me how much those fields change even within our own country.
These are some of what I have observed based on where I was, what I was doing and who I was connected to.
New York City is a place of power, opulence, wealth, fashion, finance, and everyone is going somewhere. It has a speedy and exciting energy to it. No one is standing still. Everyone has to get somewhere and they have something that they feel is important to do.
Chicago has a strong Catholic vibration. And because of that, the culture has shaped itself around the beliefs and patterns of the Catholic Church to some degree. So it has a more conservative energy than New York. There is that bitter cold vibration off the Great Lakes that makes people go inward and focus in a different way than New York. It is a city that finds its identity in its cultural history of separation and diversity.
Fayetteville, Arkansas has a totally different vibration. Much slower, laid back, not quite southern feel but a southern tempo. There is a strong fundamentalist draw and Baptist energy on the religion front. It is a bit old school that has a hint of hidden racism still that lingers in the shadows.

Los Angeles (specifically Beverly Hills and West Hollywood) is a place where dreams come true. Everyone has a story to tell, they believe that they will become famous, they believe in a possibility, they are willing to stretch and reach past the “norm” to discover fame. There is way too much money and way too many drugs. Everyone is looking to belong and at the same time they want to escape into their imagination. Excess is the norm. There are people with too much time on their hands and they often create problems just to have a few. Excitement is in the air. There is a lot of young, fresh, enthusiastic faces that are filled with hope and dreams.
Silicon Valley in California is the territory of the brilliant minds, the geeks, the Asperger’s syndrome geniuses, and the Bipolar eccentrics. It is a place of massive cultural diversity all working together to accomplish what seems impossible. They ride the cutting edge of technology. They are filled with the newest ideas and intend to make them happen. They work crazy hours based on their own personal energetic rhythms and the companies cater to what they need to perform at their best.
These are just a few of the Telepathic Agreement Fields that are happening in the world and they become more diverse and complex when you go to other countries. I find these things fascinating and they stimulate my energy when I am in those places.

I feel myself adjust to the patterns of the agreement fields that surround me. I believe that life is about finding where you fit and where you vibrate to be your best self.
But some places like Los Angeles are a unique fit and if you cannot vibrate at that frequency you cannot have the success you are seeking easily. I also believe that as you age and grow, you require different vibrations to move you into new explorations of energy.
I know that travel is good because you end up in places that vibrationally change you. You fall in love with places because of how they impact your energy. You feel better and you feel sometimes that you can be your happier self. And that allows you to remember that joy and happiness are always available to you.
So much so that now, I can just imagine that I am in Paris, up at Sacre Coeur, and having an expresso and a warm brioche while watching the painters set up for the day on the cobblestones. And I am happy, warm, peaceful, artistic, and in the flow of one of my personal favorite Telepathic Agreement Fields.
Perhaps we will meet one day there in dreams.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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