Numerology/Astrology for 9/3/19 –


Numerology/Astrology for 9/3/19

9/3/19 is the number 6. Feel into the spirit that enlivens all things. Within all living things in this world there is a spark of the divine and that is why they are to be respected and allowed to be in this world. That spark was given to them to use and explore this realm from their personal vantage point and it is not something that you are to judge or feel as if you have the authority to make decisions about. Spiritual arrogance is responsible for the deaths of countless billions of “God’s” creatures and it is important to remind each of us that we are not here to support the continued destruction of this world but we are here to help, nurture and protect the lives that are within our realm and immediate environment. The number 6 is all about your spiritual side. This number is about allowing that spiritual side to grow beyond yourself and into helping and supporting all those that you come in contact with to be the best that they can be. And the best that all of us can be is “alive” and thriving in our world today.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Intensity increases with the Scorpio Moon. In case you did not notice, you are learning to master the extremes in life. You have power and this Moon makes you want to use it. But know that moving it towards violence is not advised. Overriding others is also not an enlightened way to express it either. You have an opportunity to learn to have correct control over this aggressive expression of the Moon.

With Mercury aligning with Mars and the Sun, your words have a greater impact at this time. Use that to motivate communication in revitalizing your health and work. Know that the force of this energy is large enough to make you insensitive. It is best to be clear and direct but focus on taking care of business. Do not neglect or rush into things. Control your eagerness because there are things that you need to handle but you can be easily mistaken. Stay noble and wise in all your interactions.

The Moon sextile Mercury makes you want to debate with others. Be careful who you choose to debate with. You cannot reason with insanity.

Work might feel more satisfying at this time and all that excess energy might finally help you get a few things done. It is a lot of energy so channel it wisely. If you are feeling irritable, impatient, hyper, then you need to go exercise. Teamwork is supported and there is attempts to balance the masculine and feminine sides.

The Moon sextile Saturn makes you want to take responsibility for your actions and to be perceived as reliable. Objectives are faces and you are inspired and deliberate in your actions.

With a Venus-Neptune in opposition soon, you may be feeling inclined to look at your expectations of others and your perceptions. Some things are not as they seem. Always be as courteous as you can with others. Quarreling is unnecessary as it will tend to amplify and that is not what you want at this time.

The behavior of others might appear more and more eccentric as the Moon opposes Uranus. Those that struggle to handle this energy will appear more erratic and reactionary. For a few, this pattern can lead to tragic outcomes.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Animals are not cruel. Humans are.

This world is a playground and the
Divine looks out through your eyes.
What does it see?
Does it feel your complacency?
Does it feel your anger?
Does it feel your despair?
Does it feel your compassion?
Do you breathe into this life you were given?
Do you breathe into the intensity of this moment?
This moment is divine and it is a unique test.
What will you do with this test?
What will God see if he looks out your eyes?
~Suzanne Wagner~


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