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Numerology/Astrology for 9/19/19

9/19/19 is the number 4. When things are so out of balance, the swing is so extreme that it will paradoxically swing the other way eventually. When it does, those that thought they could take over with toxic emotions, will be also upset. And the intensity will continue for a while until those swings get more and more towards the center once again. That is why you cannot wait for the world to be in balance for you to be happy. You have to find your own balance internally first. Then let that infect everyone and everything around you. We teach best through example. We have to become the balance that we are seeking.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Thursday morning, aggressive Mars makes a harmonious trine to the God of the underworld, Pluto. It will impact everyone for the next three to five days. You can push forward in a powerful way, as long as you don’t get into an obsessive or rude head space. At this time it is important to stay simple and transparent interacting with others. Be aware of those with hidden agendas. It would be best to walk away from such people. Impulse and action seems to be the way. You want to engage things that mean something to you and  do something to make a difference. There is a lot of force and power with this aspect but it is always best to use it with clarity and rein in the impulsive sides of your nature. Patience and perseverance is the way. You will conquer the present challenge if you will allow others to see your ambition and confidence.

The Sun trines the Moon, making togetherness and relationships important.

The Moon goes into the mental and inquisitive sign of Gemini about 4 pm in the afternoon. You are fond of many types of communication and are sensitive to learning things from other cultures.

There is a Venus-Uranus quincunx that might make you feel as if you are uncertain in the morning. Focus on what matters most to you. The old does not seem to be working and so you have to unafraid to challenge the standards that are ineffective. If you need to, overhaul the project you are presently on. It will end up being worth it.
~Suzanne Wagner~


This is to the single parents
that are trying to make ends meet.
This is to the people I know that
are doing 3 jobs and cannot get ahead.
This is to those that got degrees in college
and end up in jobs where they are
only making $15 an hour.
Something in life has tilted too far
and only when we say “Enough!”
Only then will it change.
~Suzanne Wagner~







I believe that together we can do what is right to help this world and our country. I have ordered my trees to plant on my property. While each of us cannot do everything, we can do small things that will leave a mark over time. I may not see those trees grow into magnificent redwoods but I can do something to help replace the oxygen that I and my family use up in our lifetime. Do something that leaves something good behind for generations to come. Stop using plastic bags. Stop buying things that destroy the Amazon, jungles, and habitat for animals. You can do that. And it will make a difference in the world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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  1. Allen 5 months ago

    So where’s 9/18/19?

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