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Numerology/Astrology for 9/17/19

9/17/19 is the number 2. To change you have to see. You have to be horrified at what is happening. You cannot be numb. You cannot be afraid to reach past your comforts. You have to see the duality in order to draw a personal line in the sand. While I feel I am there, I still see others waffling and being not completely convinced as to what actions to take. What I know in my core is what is right. What I know is that harming others in any way is wrong. What I know is that projecting suffering onto those already suffering is an atrocity. What I know is that everyone deserves respect and to be heard. What I know is that we can do better. What I know is that I expect my government to do much better than it is doing. What I know is that regardless of the insane rules and laws that are put into place, I have to follow my own heart and conscience. I will not abide by rules that intentionally cause more duality and suffering. I know if you are reading this, you probably feel the same way. Today is a day when that line in the sand becomes more and more clear. There is a place where your soul cannot go any further without sacrificing your own values and without harming others. I know that you feel that same way. I know that you want to get us back to a place where we feel at peace with our country and our world. And I know that together we can find that illusive path back there.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Taurus Moon may make you want to be a bit lazy and sleep in. Doing nothing is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is exactly what you need to recover from stresses that you did not know you were carrying. There are harmful stresses that we accumulate without realizing it and learning how to unwind such destructive and toxic emotions takes a lot of TLC. Today is a great way to start.

Notice what you need to feel secure and safe. Without that relaxation will be difficult. Inner balance and a rational mind will help you shift some old habits.

Venus opposes Chiron, so know that disappointments can happen in love relationships. Do your best to remember what you love about others. Hold tight to that. Personalities can always get in the way. But never let it stop the love that brought you together.

There is momentarily less confidence in a variety of things. You are aware of things that cause resentment. Don’t worry about whether you are loved the way you want. Instead notice the love that others give you willingly and without reservation.

Mercury and Uranus quincunx does not help with making decisions. It can leave you feeling a bit uneasy. There is a thought and feeling lurking in the shadows. Stalking your peace and quiet. It is more important to gain understanding from others than to feel completely at right.
~Suzanne Wagner~


To recommend thrift to the
poor is both grotesque and
insulting. It is like advising
a man who is starving
, to eat

~Oscar Wilde~







I must admit being horrified with the world situations. War being threatened everywhere. More and more very frightening news showing up. It seems to never end. I believe that the people in a country contribute to the karmic debt of that country by our actions and inactions. I know that I believe in an America that wants to support freedom and the values of our founding fathers. But it is so obvious right now that corporations and the wealthy have bought our government and have control over major situations and actions.

It is not what this country was supposed to be about. I am not sure how to get us back there but I know that from where we are, things can only get worse. Because it takes a scream of a large group of people to oppose what is happening before changes come.

I know that as much as they try, no one can really control the minds of the people.

Yes, they try to feed us information to slant us the way they want but the free thinking mind is not ever completely convinced. And even with all the scientific experiments, they know that you cannot really break a mind and put in what they want.

That is why it took decades to “Tear down the Berlin Wall”, after the terrible deeds of the Stasi (the East German Secret Police). That is why even now democracy attempts to break the grip of Communism in Hong Kong. You cannot stop freedom once it decides to move. I hope that strength for a better world is stronger than the control of the powerful and wealthy over the people. They people will only take so much before they will have had enough. I believe that we are getting there.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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  1. Allen 9 months ago

    Yesterday morning on CNBC’s morning financial show, “Squawkbox,” I watched an interview with a retired General Motors executive about the UAW Union strike at GM. This clueless, arrogant man was the poster child for American corporate governance, the same style of governance that’s enabled by US lawmakers.
    First he insulted the GM workers by saying that due to problems they’re having with their union leaders “they’re incapable of rational thinking.”
    Then he doubled down, saying he “couldn’t imagine” why the workers would want a better contract.
    I almost fell out of my chair. Yes, it is crossing that line when the overlords won’t even pretend to respect their middle class workers.

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