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Numerology/Astrology for 9/17/17
9/17/17 is the number 9. Completion is neutral. Completion is about acceptance and knowing what will and what won’t work for you. There are moments to compromise and moments to let things go. Today is the later. As you release the old remember that what is truly yours will come to you. But there are many moments when you have to allow others to walk their path and learn their lessons how their master blue print had set it up. You cannot walk someone else’s path you can only walk your own. People are gifted to us at certain moments in time and then eventually you have to learn to trust and allow them their journey while you must choose yours. Spiritual family is always walking with us even if we do not recognize them as we are caught up in our own drama. But over and over again we return at the arranged times to show the love and compassion that is in our hearts. It is love that is the glue. It is love that is the magnetic attraction that pulls us to others when they require the particular frequency that we hold.
Sunday is playful all day, but keep things light and easy. Share with friends but avoid hard topics or future commitments that cannot be changed. Monday is the dark before the new moon so tend to all the little details of your life. Sunday is very social though you might hold some of yourself back. This moment lets you have a pleasant, offbeat attitude towards others because of the Venus-Uranus trine and a Venus-Chiron quincunx. Expect to feel creatively inspired, celebrate the avant-garde, and entertain unusual ideas, creative processes and cravings. You are a little more open-minded in your relationships, business, and pleasures or entertainment, and this can open up new opportunities. You may not want to make heavy commitments.  So notice what you can and cannot do authentically. As the day advances and the Moon also plays into the Venus-Uranus trine, your emotions are more engaged and you are open to explore and experiment. There is a need to break away from your habits and patterns and a desire to try something new. You are intrigued by differences that you are now seeing everywhere. The Moon is in creative, affectionate, and proud Leo all day.

~Suzanne Wagner~



“Authenticity needs no strategy.”

~Ken Wolkoff~


We are in a world where so many look to the stars on television and want to act like them, dress like them, and be a copycat of them. But the energy it takes to be inauthentic is tremendous. Being your unique and special flavor in a natural way is the best. Being authentic takes no extra energy. You recognize that if you are being authentic in each and every moment then the clothes you pick are perfect for you and you wear them then those clothes suit the energy and expression you are looking for. You care less about what others think. You feel good about you and that is enough. Yes, we are in a society that and we must learn to work together as a unified field but when we allow others to be who they are it breeds a world of tolerance and acceptance also.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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