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Numerology/Astrology for 9/16/19

9/16/19 is the number 10. In life, each of us have moments when we have to let the old go and embrace the unknown and the new. That is what the number 10/1 day is all about. Notice if you are hanging onto density that is no longer necessary for you to carry. And then actively choose to let it go. Notice what happens to your body when you do that. I always notice body sensations that accompany a “real” release moment. It is almost as if my mind shifting has to make a strong body adjustment to accommodate the energetic alignment. How we organize our energy within our body becomes an assemblage point. And the external world reflects the internal structure and organization of that energy. But this world is a multi-dimensional reality and there are always more perspectives happening than your mind can grasp. But when you shift your energy then the world re-configures around that new understanding of this world and then doors fly open to show you new ways to connect to old perspectives.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

In the morning of Monday, there is a lovely constellation that can work favorably for you. The Moon and Venus supports optimism and a willingness to be generous and accommodating.

The Moon and Jupiter trine giving an artistic flair to old situations.

The Moon squares Pluto and know that taking anything too far will be too much for others to handle. Restrain yourself in the obvious places.

Find the spontaneity and independence that your soul needs to breathe. In order to grow you need space, solitude, and time to emerge into who you came to be. Sometimes you have to take charge and give yourself the time to just be. Let go of ambition for a moment and allow yourself to settle into your perfect organic place.

Mercury opuses Chiron, so know that you may interpret feedback from others as criticism. Notice when things are also being misrepresented. When you focus on differences rather than connection you will always feel like you are losing.
~Suzanne Wagner~


When you run after your thoughts,
you are like a dog chasing a stick;
every time a stick is thrown, you run
after it. Instead, be like a lion who,
rather than chasing after the stick,
turns to face the thrower. One only
throws a stick at a lion once.








I believe there is a natural evolution that happens in consciousness. And everyone goes through it at a different time and place. But there is a moment when you stop chasing after something that another has told you is valuable and take a look at who you allow in your life to make you rush and run after certain things. Who are you trying to impress anyway? If you are doing something for another but not from your authentic place of joy and freedom then you are allowing others preference to dictate your life. And while you may succeed in that, you will never feel completely happy and fulfilled. Notice where you allow the telepathic agreements from your childhood or the opinions of others to determine what you have defined as success. There are so many things in life that are extremely valuable that do not require you to chase after. The most important one is yourself. You do not need to do anything from the place to be “good enough”.  You have to make yourself happy. Let everyone else worry about their own authentic expression.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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