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Numerology/Astrology for 9/14/19

9/14/19 is the number 8. Feel into those people, animals, and life that might be suffering around you. Take a moment to help, give support and love to things that need it. Let the divine move generously through your heart in ways that make a difference to others. Remember, it is not about giving what you want to give but giving what another needs. That is always the challenge. Are you doing “good deeds” to make yourself feel better or really feeling into the heart and soul of a matter? It is difficult to feel past what you are feeling and into the feelings of others. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it is painful. But awakening means to be awake to the complex patterns of life all around you. In being fully open, you learn how to let the truth of humanity and nature move transparently through you. You feel it all, you just do not hold onto it. You allow it to inform you as to what is happening but you do not attach to it. Sometimes our hearts need to break in order for our ego to actually do something different.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Sometimes connecting to the subconscious can be difficult. But today, you might find it a bit easier. The Full Moon is still in the ultra-perceptive sign of Pisces and the veil between this world and the next is thin. Dreams can be prophetic and important to the development of the next steps you are to do in your world.

Mercury and Venus today are in Libra and will hold there in a determined way over the next few days. The shift is out of the meticulous stellium in Virgo now into the fair, just, noble, and generous sign of Libra. Mercury will be there until October 3rd and Venus till October 8th. As we move into the realms of Venus, the focus shifts into harmony, cooperation, beauty, love, and art. Now Mercury becomes the cunning thinker and formulator of new paths and ways. Venus moves with more grace and communications that open hearts not just minds. If you are in love you might find out that poetry is springing from your lips and fingers.

Mercury in Libra makes you want to have a strong desire for more harmony and aesthetics.

Venus in Libra supports more graciousness and kindness (which we need in the world at this time). You may feel as if you want to give assistance to others. While you might feel a bit anxious, you will try to be courteous.

The Moon will shift into the more spontaneous sign of Aries at dinner time. Decisions will seem easier and you are inspired to use your mind to get that project done. You want to assert yourself more at work and you just might see the perfect moment to make a critical move.

Today is a day for more light-hearted conversations. Cooperation is the focus and socializing is helping communications happen with more ease and grace. There is a slant to intellectualize what is happening in the world. As long s you do not dig too deep, that conversation will remain fluid.

Souls seek salvation but know that putting too high of expectations on others will make you feel disappointed later. Others cannot open that doorway to spiritual awareness. Only you can do that for yourself.

~Suzanne Wagner~


To stay with that shakiness –
to stay with a broken heart,
with a rumbling stomach,
with the feeling of hopelessness
and wanting to get revenge –
that is the path of true awakening.
Sticking with that uncertainty,
getting the knack of relaxing
in the midst of chaos,
learning not to panic –
this is the spiritual path.

~Pema Chodron~







I feed the birds on my land and I know that my property if a haven for them. That makes me feel good. For so many life is hard….daily. Every day is a struggle. Every moment a moment to seek sustenance or safety. I try to have compassion for such creatures and remind myself that there is no difference between a prey animal and a predator. Each deserves to live and thrive in the way that a higher power created them to be. We are not here to judge. We are here to experience the fullness that is all life. I don’t want to have a life that is totally safe and sterile. I don’t want to have a life without encounters with the amazing predators out there in life. I don’t want to have a smug satisfaction that I am better and stronger than everything in this world. I want to have moments when I feel small and insignificant and that a larger animal shows me compassion and does not see me as a threat. I want to have that momentary exchange of consciousness. I want to feel my heart race a bit. I want to know that at any moment this precious life can change. That allows me to be fully in each moment in time. That allows me to wonder and see the beauty all around. That allows me to feel into the exquisite pain that is life and is also what makes life wonderful.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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