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Numerology/Astrology for 9/13/19

9/13/19 is the number 7. I dream of healthy structures that serve all of life.  I believe that humanity has a great capacity to help as much as it also has the capacity to harm. I believe that there is a tilt happening that is bringing that desire to help back into play. There are many that cannot help but notice those patterns that are not serving life. But when we come together we can change things in amazing ways. Notice what structures in your life serve only you. Is there a way to make them serve a wider audience also? When we step out of looking at just what we want and into what the world needs, our priorities can change drastically. I believe in the potential of humanity to do good. I recognize that everyone also has the capacity to do evil under the right circumstances. I believe that humanity is getting closer to that line and such moments define who you are. I know that you choose in each moment depending on where your conscience resides within your core.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

There is just something magical about Friday the 13th. This one in particular is strong because there is a big Harvest Full Moon during it. This emotional Pisces Moon is great for daydreaming and opening your intuition to a higher purpose. Just make sure you don’t get lost in fantasy land. With the life-giving Sun in Virgo aligned with ambitious Mars, you may be challenged to bring expansive ideals into the mundane world to work for the greater good. Be careful to not bounce back and forth between your intuition and the critical voice in your head that tells you your big idea will never work. Because, it can! It will require fitting that Utopian vision into a pragmatic mode that will work in the world as it is now. With this abundance of planets in the adaptable signs of Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius, it is a reminder to remain as flexible as possible. There is always more than one way to accomplish a goal. This Full Moon offers the opportunity to communicate in all types of relationships. Work to maintain clarity in shared (or not shared) values. It is about the balance of spiritual and emotional wellness. When I have that balance, I can do anything. I can hold true regardless of externals and be at peace even when the herd mentality pulls human laws into atrocities.

Mercury is in conjunction with Venus and the Sun trines Pluto. This is your chance to bring out the best of each planet. Venus wants to help you have more sympathy, charisma, and negotiation skills. Mercury wants communication to be more reasonable and perhaps rhetorical. The Sun intends to give vital life-force energy and more self-esteem. And Pluto acts as the enforcer and karmic consciousness cop in the rules of right and wrong.

Remember that imagination is a precious gift. Use it for the good of all.

Face the objectives that are presenting with deliberation and enthusiasm.

You have a bit of energy to accomplish bigger things today. Use it with compassion and inclusion.

There are many aspects astrologically that want to tear apart the fabric of sanity and while I want you to notice others in that state of agitation, do not become one of them. Silence is best because you do not need to put more fuel on a very strong fire that is happening in the world. Notice if you are being wasteful and do your best to clean up your own messes.

Circumstances want to pull you off the path of truth. Don’t let it. This is going to get stronger and stronger as we move towards the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto on January 12, 2020. You are being testing to see if you can hold the light of truth higher and not let others tear you down in the process. Know that you do not need to play the victim or savior right now. You cannot ignore your own needs for rest and spiritual nourishment. Then plans for your future will come into better clarity.

You may want to have refuge and silence while you sort out what you are feeling. That is fine. Take the time you need. Know that the greatest refuge is within the halls of truth and the great teacher’s wisdom from the past.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Some need to face death to feel alive.
Some need drama to feel anything.
Others need peace to find what is
really hidden in the other realms
that exist in this world of wonder.

~Suzanne Wagner~







I love to look in nature for the faces that seem hidden in the recesses of rocks, trees, and the mists of waves. I believe that all things alive have a type of face. That there are nature sentinels that sleep, awaken, watch, and connect all living things. They sometimes reach out to touch us….when we are still, quiet, respectful, and kind. I always notice that nature watches us as we bumble along in our narrow mental world. It saddens them that we do not notice the beauty, the obvious, the subtle, the world that exists just below human senses.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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