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Numerology/Astrology for 9/13/18

9/13/18 is the number 6. The number 6 is about seeking the answers internally as they external is not going to give you what you want at this time. Fulfilment is not something that can be sought by external validation. That is because only the internal awareness is important right now. Without that internal compass of self-knowing, you will be continually caught up in the external dance of ego that others need you to buy into. You are dancing to someone else’s choreography rather than your own. And it will never feel like home. It will never feel organic. It will always be difficult. And you will never be completely happy. That is why everyone (eventually) reaches the point that they must meditate and learn to navigate their own internal worlds. That is because the external is not the only reality and it for sure is not the most important reality. You exist in many different levels of dimensions and times. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Perhaps it is interesting enough for you to dive into that new place of self-discovery.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Scorpio. You can feel the seasons changing. It is getting darker and cooler. There is that desire to curl up with a good book and make bread. The Scorpio Moon is making your look deeper and contemplate many things in your life. Do your best to avoid conflicts with others. Do your best to not make waves. Listen to your intuition. Investigate and gather up the information before you speak. People will notice if you are “once again” speaking from an opinion or from fact. The pendulum is swinging back towards truth. Because the chaos of so much distortion is unhealthy. Look ahead and prepare for the future winter. Make some fun plans with friends and family.

This is a “launch pad” moment. First you have to firmly put your feet on the ground and then you have to use the ground underneath you to allow yourself to fly into the air.  The times of being hasty and flighty are past and now there is a new level of accountability and responsibility that is necessary.

Learn how to get back to simple. That is because your feelings are actions might be at cross-purposes. Moving from a unified whole is important. Haste makes waste. Accept the uncertainty principle that seems to rule this time we are all in. All things shift eventually.

Certain aspects right now make unstable current in the world affairs areas. Expect sudden, shocking, revelations. Expect to be more annoyed. Expect a new level of emotional upheaval. Life is an adventure, and this is the adventure we are currently on. Let yourself feel things but that does not mean that everyone needs to know. Keep your own counsel.

Life is love.

Life is pain.

Life is … the whole damn thing!

~Suzanne Wagner~


“Manners require time,
and nothing is more vulgar than haste.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~




A Religion is a tree in the forests of time.

Some are twisted and some are sublime.
Some trees grow straight and tall
Some trees are weak and quickly fall.
Those trees that make it to touch the sky
Are those whose foundations are tested and tried.
It is on some strong trees that you can depend.
And others that break when you try to bend.
But all trees eventually die.
Not because their truth was nullified.
But because they could not change with the times
After all they were rooted in one place for many human lifetimes.
And change is essential to all of life.
It is those changes that cause so much human strife.
There are those that sit and refuse to move.
They cannot see a way that is new to improve.
We are in a time now of intense change.
And everyone is going to have to rearrange.
So what can you do to hold on to the real truth
that makes your heart sing and soothes the uncouth?
That is where you lay a new foundation for you.
That is where you discover for yourself what is true.
Others cannot give you what you do not already possess.
But others will take your money when you are in distress.
You cannot pay your way out of hatred and sin.
You cannot lie to make yourself forgiven.
It is all up to you to make the change.
It is up to you to separate yourself from the deranged.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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