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Numerology/Astrology for 9/12/18

9/12/18 is the number 5. The number 5 indicates that the fate of the reckless and self-indulgent has turned. The “Fear” has started to bubble out of the stuffed and hidden closets of the consciousness and has begun to seep through the cracks, like water coming through the walls of a house in a hurricane. Personal freedom is earned through conflicts and challenges. Too many of us have had freedom handed to us and we have not actually earned it. That causes a type of arrogance of superiority. That energy is found in the head and mind. It is ungrounded in truth and reality at times. This number brings the reality that there is gravity on this planet. Gravity is a law of truth. You cannot break that law without a lot of help. So the gravity of the situations compounding our reality will continue to mount to allow the hard truth to slam some down as they continue to believe that they can fly. Find your courage. Find a vision for humanity that is inclusive not exclusive. Use your mind. Analyze and figure out what you believe that is a habit not a truth. You have to make positive life choices. Choices that only serve you are not ever choices that help the greater good.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon is in Libra until the early afternoon, when it goes into Scorpio. As we move towards the equinox of the fall you are probably noticing how dark it is getting so quickly. It is amazing to see the swing of the pendulum as it speeds up at this time and we move into the fall and winter cycles.

There is a feeling of a renewed faith is a possibility. Change that has been so painfully slow and illusive seems to finally have some tempo shifts and the merits that you have believed in also seem to be gaining credibility. Success is making a comeback if you can hang onto your ability to generate a deep feeling of trust and show the direction to steer others onto the right course. People are finally looking past the problems and into where there might be some solutions to the present enormous problems that are continuing to build up.

Some sort of plot is thickening and there is an open intensity as things that have been hidden come out of the darkness into the bright and revealing light of truth. You cannot hide in your places where you just want to stay shallow and not involved. Remember, you don’t need to do drama. The truth is shocking and revealing enough. Allow the truth to sit in the shock and silence that it deserves. It does not need your help. Uncertainty is moving towards certainty and will arrive soon enough.

This astrology can create erratic and extreme mood swings. Those that are in the wrong have the potential to be harsh and unkind. Allow it to pass. You do not need to defend the truth. Do not take offense. We are in choppy waters. A hurricane is approaching and take a look at where and what the storms are in your life. And what you need to do to safeguard your self and those you love to keep truth above these stormy waters.

Continue to keep things simple and find the places that make you smile in the face of the global upsets.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Gravity is not a version of truth.
It is the truth.
Anyone who doubts it is invited
to jump out a tenth-storey window.
~Richard Dawkins~




Driving on the Rumble Strips of Life

I feel like we are all driving on the rumble strips of life.

Like there has been a detour on the road but instead of driving down the center of the road the right way, we are driving miserably for hours, days, weeks, and months across the rumble strips.

We are being constantly bumped and irritated with the vibrations of discord and upset.

Yet, those in power continue to keep us off to the side of the road.

They want us uncomfortable.

They want us miserable.

They want us to become numb, so they can do what they want behind our backs because we are too distracted by the noise and irritations that they have consciously created.

But most of us are not numb.

Now we are just pissed.

We are not miserable.

We are irritated to the point of activation.

We are not uncomfortable.

We are energized.

You cannot keep people from knowing the truth.

You can keep those less educated and more bias, distracted.

You can make them chase that fake rabbit around the racetrack again and again.

But anyone with awareness will eventually know that this rabbit is fake and that they will never be allowed to catch that rabbit.

Because even the chase is not real.

It plays off your primal brain that is reactive not objective.

And while responding from that reactive place feels powerful and important.

It is also not real.

There are threats.

Great threats that affect our democracy and republic.

Threats that place our economy in danger.

Threats to our freedoms.

But there is no threat presently that has been shown to you the way the powers in place, want you to feel.

You are being played.

You are the entertainment of the rich and powerful, as they place wagers and bets on who will run the fastest and who will catch on that the game is rigged in their favor.

They are playing the odds that they can make a ton of money while you sort through the confusion.

And even once you figure it out, as a community, and stand up in a unified field, they will have done damage to you and those below them that will take a generation to fix.

So they win regardless.

You have been used.

You have been manipulated through your kind heart.

You have trusted believing that the greater good will prevail.

And it will prevail.
To the cost of your freedoms, democracy, and the honor of this country.

And to a great cost of your own wonderfully, beautiful, fragile planet.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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