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Numerology/Astrology for 9/11/18

9/11/18 is the number 4. The number 4 reminds us that undertaking difficult and unpleasant tasks are best done with a more neutral attitude. You have to learn to surrender to the moment and stop the game of resistance. Resistance wastes so much time. Not to mention energy. There are things that come up that just need to be done. In such moments, resistance appears more like a temper tantrum of a child. Regardless of how we feel, growing up requires us to deal with moments that are inconvenient, appropriately, and with consciousness. I hope at this point the external reflections are finally making you sick to your stomach so that you recognize that decent societies are made by people all choosing to act like mature human beings that have concern for others. We cannot, as a society, condone those that intentionally and actively break down social structures that give everyone a chance to succeed. It is not fair. And it is counter-intuitive to the creation of decent societies.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


While the Moon continues in Libra and reminds us that balance is the key to happiness, we look out into a world continuing to spin more out of control. Finding the balance inside while the world is out of kilter outside seems to be the global challenge.

Mars is still in the shadow as it comes out of its retrograde and again, while there is incremental movement forward, Mars has still not gained enough momentum to allow others to relax.

Venus is also in its pre-retrograde cycle and it also appears to be stalling in the sky as we all prepare to look deeper at where we feel not loved and appreciated. Know that you can never define who you are based on how others feel about you. You have to love yourself and know your deepest heart first and only from that place of center can you find the way to express love in ways that are supportive to others and allow more expansion of compassion within yourself.

Under these continued complex issues know that you probably should intend to have modest plans as they are more likely to succeed. Rocking the boat is only going to tip the boat. You might be out of the boat and very much in the water instead. Small organized steps win under this astrology. As things continue to click on, more movement will be experienced.

Stand in your own self-assurance and find the place where you hold a strong and firm foundation. From there you can take a risk and find joy in the adventure forward.

I am sure you have noticed that there are things that will not shift the way you intend, and repeated force becomes self-defeating over time. While others wallow and waste their energy on things that have no meaning and give nothing back, you take a moment to find the meaning that impacts others in ways that help rather than harm.

It is okay to feel indecisive and to not know what to try next. That means you need to do something that has an emotional gift rather than a physical one.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Any decent society must generate a feeling
of community. Community offsets loneliness.
It gives people a vitally necessary sense of
belonging. Yet today, the institutions on
which community depends on crumbling in
all the techno-societies. The result is a
spreading plague of loneliness.
~Alvin Toffler~





I personally refuse to support or condone anyone or anything that does not support the creation of decent societies that support fairness and give everyone the ability to thrive.
I recognize that the Republican Party (all of them) have taken Russian money and are complicit in huge crimes. Because of that, the Republican Party has the ability to strong arm their members to vote unified in the way that supports a toxic, slanted, biased, dangerous, and a dividing agenda. I look inside myself and I look at someone like Senator Collins. I imagine if I was in her shoes. What would I do? I look into my heart and I know what I would do. I would stand up, vote against ruining America, tell the truth that the Republican Party has been taken over by the Russians and that all the Republicans are caught in a trap by the Russians. Show that powers like the Koch Family wants to take over our country and consequences be dammed. I would also admit to being guilty of being entrapped. I would blow the lid off the whole thing. I would take the hit. I would be willing to risk everything to save my country. We live in a world where those in power no longer show courage in standing up for the truth. They are more interested in saving themselves. That is not the America I believed I lived in. That will now need to change. The truth always comes out. And those that continue to support division and delusions will have heavy consequences that they will have to deal with for a very, very long time.
That is all.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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