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Numerology/Astrology for 8/9/18

8/9/18 is the number 1. The number 1, reminds you that each moment is an opportunity to begin again. Within you is the power to manifest creative concepts into this reality. It takes power and focus, skill and determination to get there but it is something that is needed right now at this time on earth. Without the force of hope and potential, this energy can turn destructive. That is not what you want to do. Let’s just say, it always ends badly. Life has a natural sequence (though that is not always followed). That sequence is that discipline must proceed dominion. But there are those that seek out power only to hide the deep seated wounds from their past and childhood.

When those feelings are not addressed, compassionately held, and witnessed by those that love and care for them, they turn into hate and frustration. That leads to a type of arrogant manner that hides deep feelings of inferiority and inner pain. Those that cause the most destruction, are often the most wounded. But they should not be allowed to hurt others under any circumstances. Those that only want to cause pain should not be given the right to cause the pain that they suffered as a child to others. It should be a rule of society that those people be stopped and prevented from causing themselves more harm and more karmic suffering in other lifetimes. That would be the compassionate thing to do for all. They need to be healed and held. Once that is complete another world always opens up.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

With the Moon in Cancer there is a deep desire to get things in the home back to center. The emotional ties are there and the imagination, warmth, sensitivity, and compassion wants to just connect on a deeper level with others.

There is a creative push that is important to you today. You are more sensitive to certain things and acceptance of what is seems easier. There are no definite answers and you have no need to go looking for them.

You seem to see that the deep relationships are becoming more important. Spiritual family is coming together and those that share your energetic patterns seem more obvious.

Underlying the surface, some may reconnect to an old buried issue that now is rearing its head again. There are complex feelings and entanglements. You will have to let go of something before the new will emerge. But the tension is high and I find that it is always wise to wait for that tension to lessen before taking action.

Be aware that you are more vulnerable to rejection and criticism today and it is always best to walk humbly forward in life. Notice those that seem to want to expose your weaknesses and capitalize on them.

There are moments of misunderstanding today as you feel a great need to communicate something and to be heard. Just know that your need will also make you not the best listener yourself. There is a nervousness as this energy of the eclipse begins to build.

It is possible that you discover a new exciting person or project that shines bright in the light but that has some tension also with it. The path forward now is going to be one that is less predictable than you have possibly anticipated. Just remember to go with the flow.

More and more a light bulb is going off above your head. You recognize that there is a tension between your desire to go your own way and the need to take care of the people in your life that you feel a domestic sense of personal responsibility to.

Today there is an emotional sensitivity and depth of protective instincts that is on the surface. But below that is a deeper desire to find your own way and your own self-confidence.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I watched the moon rise on a red sky.
The air was smoky and the heat high.
I see the problems that mankind makes
In their unconscious and confused states.
Nature seems cruel, nature seems kind.
Man seems vicious, manipulatively sublime.
Nature fights only to survive.
Man believes it needs everything to thrive.
But the truth is that you need very little to live.
And the more you care, the more you give.
I choose those to rule who have a heart
For all of life’s workings and art.
Not just the things that pay him back
But the things that make life a magic act.
When can the egos blindness be revealed?
When will man focus on what nature needs healed?
I pray for the hate to suffocate itself
And the fiery anger to collapse in guilt.
I see the insanity that such anger holds
It believes in a past that was never controlled.
There is a mental illness taking over the land
It threatens to destroy the best at our command.
We cannot allow such hate to grow.
It brings only cold, ice, and bitter snow.
What is life without the joy?
What is this attitude that wants to destroy?
I do not understand these beliefs that only see,
A fight behind every tree.
Do they really hate life that much
That they desire everything to be dust?
It makes no sense and that is the pain
They cannot see the gifts life offers in vain.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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