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Numerology/Astrology for 8/3/19

8/3/19 is the number 5. Taking care of yourself and others is the focus for today. Health and well-being is on the menu. Do something that nurtures you today. Go get a massage, pedicure, or exercise. Anything that helps to release stress is a good idea.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is square to Jupiter so know that in the afternoon it would be best to abide by the laws of the land. This is where you can get a ticket if you are not paying attention. Don’t be arrogant to those in superior positions.

With the Moon still in Virgo you may feel compelled to get things in order and to organize some of the chaos in your life.

In the morning there is a minor square between Chiron and Mars. There is a tendency for others to bump into some of those old wounds and make you feel reactive and personally offended. For others you might just be feeling a powerful and exhausting sense of overwhelm. Feelings are confused and getting to the bottom of what you are feeling may be a challenge. You may feel that all your effort is for naught. That can undermine your sense of confidence to try anything new.

The Moon in Virgo squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. So conflicts and disadvantages arise when you really don’t want them to. This is the energy where things can break up or break down. Be careful and do your best to not overreact.

In the morning the Moon trines Saturn helping you go towards your goals in a more organized and responsible way. Your mind prefers a more logical approach and your objectives to be deliberate.

The Moon opposing Neptune continues to make truths not takes in a literal way. You feel uneasy about certain passionate issues.

In the evening, you emotionally might feel more vulnerable. But things are changing. Perhaps you want to change something like your career, location or factors that you believe are not allowing you to find the full expression of who you want to become.

Stay in a learning mindset. Communicate clearly as to what you want. And know that open-mindedness is a skill learned when practiced.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“Art washes away
from the soul
the dust of
everyday life.”








The question I ponder today is, “What does real healing look like?” In this complex world, I believe that is the only focus that really has any permanent value. But this is a complicated question because the most effective healers have first healed themselves. And we are living in a world that is falling apart and breaking down because of the lack of addressing our own internal issues, wounds, and damage.
So do we start with the self or do we start with addressing the external challenges?

In looking at it again and again, I believe that we should begin with the external at this time. Because so many are in a place of defending the internal state of their beliefs and idiosyncrasies.

I believe that healing can come if we first look to the suffering in the external world to crack open the heart. We have to care for something else besides protecting our beliefs. We have to get out of our own mind. We have to find some tragedy that breaks our heart so that neighbors can come together and help each other. When we see suffering outside our own mind and it touches us, that softer place in our heart opens. That is how healing can begin in my perspective.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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