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Numerology/Astrology for 8/3/17
8/3/17 is the number 3. Life is a journey to learn to roll with the energies and patterns that present moment by moment. When you do not take the external circumstances personally but as opportunities to step beyond the known and an indicator that it is time to choose a path from the many being presented, then you can see that the external is not doing something to you but you have in each and every moment an opportunity to be at choice in how you respond to those circumstances. Joy can be found in all moments. But the most precious joy is the one you find in challenging times. Those moments become a unique taste that awakens your brain in ways that lock in truth and bring memory into wisdom.
The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius until 8:37 PM EDT. You know you are seeking more meaning and experience in your life. The normal routines are not as attractive now. You are more adventurous than usual, and you prefer to play things by ear rather than map everything out. You might experience a conflict of personal values and see the differences between ourselves and those close to us very differently. The veil is becoming thin and what has been hidden underneath is becoming clearer. I wish humanity did not need so much conflict get to a better state of understanding of ourselves, our needs, and others. But through conflict the internal lie and the external reality become exposed and that is why we change. The Moon transits Capricorn from 8:37 PM forward, so you will want to seek more order and structure. Your sense of responsibility is getting very strong. Aim for efficiency. That is the best use of your time and energy. With the practicality of this Moon your careers, reputation, and objectives are in focus.

~Suzanne Wagner~
Can you find comfort in the darkness enveloping everything?
Can you rest in that place that is beyond ego and the mind?
It is time to learn to find the comfort in the dark places within the earth.
It is time to recognize that light is attempting
to penetrate and open you to places that are very unfamiliar.
You are being asked to vibrate to a higher frequency.
And as that shakes loose the stagnate safety
in favor of chaotic transformation
you discover more of yourself.
You have an opportunity to reclaim your mission and magic.
And you will find your soul’s spiritual potential.
~Suzanne Wagner~


~Trust Your Struggle – Zain Asher – TedXEuston ~


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