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Numerology/Astrology for 8/21/18

8/21/18 is the number 4. The number 4 makes you question, “What is balance?” It is really not what you think it is. It is not about controlling your reality to such an extent that everything is set in stone and you become comfortable with the routine and habit. That is not life. That is actually stuck. Balance is about fluidity. Fluidity means to allow the flow as the energies shift. Rigidity breaks in big storms. And life is a big storm for many on the deeper emotional levels. Balance in this case is in surrendering into the flow of life and learning to not fight the waves but to roll with them. Fear in not having control of our present situations causes us to struggle and fight against what is. But that will only leave you gasping and drowning in the resistance. Trust me, if the universe is going to carry you out to sea in a rip tide, you cannot stop it. You can surrender into it and then make your way back to shore another way. But the universe is clearly saying that your old way is not going to help you at this time. Resisting puts you in more danger not less. So stay calm, notice what is happening. Allow for the flow to show you where you are headed next. Wait for the flow to change. And then find a new way back to shore.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

I know and can feel the deep need of everyone to get down to business and for something to change. I cannot guarantee that under this astrology you will get everything you want but I can tell you that you are being tested to push against the resistance inside your core. Intention and attitude are everything in such moments. Emotional outbursts will not be so well received but calming expressing those emotions can be highly productive.

You really are in a new place and awareness. You are in totally new territory and that awkwardness is very real. But it is always at that edge that you discover your next piece of growth. Know that you are not alone. Everyone is seeking a new way to cope with the up leveling stresses in their own life. The deeper you are willing to go right now with others the better your outcomes are going to be. That is because none of us can do it alone. Every one of us needs support and challenge to grow.

If you get the cold shoulder from others then don’t take it personally. People shut down when they are overwhelmed and attempting to cope with situations that make them uncomfortable.

In general, our ego manifests as self-importance so that we explain that we just don’t have the time or energy to take certain things on. While that is always your prerogative, it is not always an accurate assessment of the situation. You often use up a lot of energy in resisting. When you learn to surrender into the moment, let go, and stop trying to control the universe, life flows more smoothly.

Take a look inside to see if where you are having trouble letting go of hurt or resentment is a place where you closed off your heart to protect it. Hurt is a doorway to vulnerability and truth being expressed.

You are becoming more aware of your responsibilities and also those new ones coming in also. Keeping lists and spread sheets can really help right now. You have to learn to endure the intense times of life and tolerate your own discomfort as you lean into new places.

Remember, just because you feel awkward does not mean something negative is happening or that criticism is coming your way. Vulnerability is painfully intense, but it is that very vulnerability that can break hearts open in others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Only if you resist what
happens are you at the
mercy of what happens,
and the world will
determine your happiness
and unhappiness.
~Eckhart Tolle~


Let peace show the way.
Let love save the day.
Let connection be enough
Let the mind let go of stuff.
I know that the soul
always knows the way.
I know that hearts
have to break from day to day.
Just because you do not like
the reflections you see,
Does not mean that
it will be there an eternity.
There is always hope
when the darkness invades
There is always a way
to take your light and evade.
There are moments when
you think that life is too hard.
There are moments when
it seems you are suffering and scarred.
But lessons learned
are not always easy and fun.
Some lessons are seen
down the barrel of a gun.
In such moments
you have to trust the flow
In such moments the outcome
you may not know.
All you have left is to
be very raw are real.
And know that there is nothing
of value another can steal.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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