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Numerology/Astrology for 8/15/19

8/15/19 is the number 8. Today, notice the passage of time in your life. Each of us has a set amount of time that we have to work with but none of us know exactly how long that might be. Learn to live each moment fully and with no regrets. If you are fully present in each moment you will not have much to regret because you have done your very best and no matter what you were being as aware of all things surrounding you as possible. It is only when we get caught up in our own narrow world that we miss the obvious clues that life gives us to pay attention to what is happening all around us. While knowing what you feel is important, it is also important to notice what others are feeling and if they are uncomfortable or challenged. See past the façade and into the essence and insecurities of others. That is how we learn compassion and that what we feel is less important than feeling into the whole and how all things interconnect.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


This morning’s Full Moon occurs in the sign of Aquarius with the Moon in opposition to the Leo Sun.

Emotions are strong, and the many areas of our life that have been overlooked or neglected can now come to our attention.

This powerful Moon illuminates feelings, attitudes, and circumstances. We are more aware of the need for a connection to others, nature, life, our friends, a personal cause, and connection to our community. You probably feel short-tempered. Family disputes could appear on the agenda. You might notice that you miss your refuge.

This Full Moon is aligned with Venus. Making our feelings in this moment very much involved with our emotional discoveries. But today, can be tough to be objective or even to see how strongly our emotions are influencing us.

There is a Mercury-Chiron trine which can be helpful to find new ways to communicate what we are feeling in constructive ways. This energy will help you have discussions, or give you further thoughts into, sensitive topics.

The Moon continues transiting in Aquarius most of the day, but this evening, when you are probably asleep, it enters Pisces.

Because there is an abundance of stubborn zodiac signs, avoid any “my way or the highway” conversations. Although this fixed energy is great for getting through any challenge you are facing, be careful to not get caught up in doing everything the hard way. This is a good moment to mix social time with private spiritual growth time. Be empathetic, but do not get sucked into the drama of your friends, family or the world.

The Moon Opposition to Mars can cause irritation and hasty choices. It might be expected some trouble between the genders. Notice where you are wasteful and spending too much.

Towards the late evening, this day can make you feel uneasy, daydream and passionate about something.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Mental maturity comes from being willing
to do the hard work that seeking knowledge
requires and not taking short cuts by
adopting the attitudes and beliefs of others.
~Suzanne Wagner~





I watch as so many are afraid to make mistakes. This catches them up in wanting and needing to please and in that process they lose themselves. Running around pleasing others (while it avoids conflict) generates a type of fear and that fear is insidious. Doing everything in a way that others want out of fear feeds a type of insecurity and does not allow you to develop in certain ways. Emotional maturity comes from the willingness to make mistakes. Spiritual maturity comes from doing what is right rather than doing what you are told by those who believe they are superior. Mental maturity comes from being willing to do the hard work that seeking knowledge requires and not taking short cuts by adopting the attitudes and beliefs of others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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