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Numerology/Astrology for 8/13/19

8/13/19 is the number 6. I believe that all things alive have a spiritual self. They might express it differently but it is still there. If the birds sing to the morning and the fish call to the sunrise you know that other things ritually connect to this beautiful thing, life. I have always felt the spiritual connection of plants as they reach up to the sun and how they too are signing as they reach higher for the light. I love the mornings also (being the lark that I am). It is a time of quiet and I can sort out what I think and feel. Then I choose to share it with all of you. This is my song for the sunrise of today. Your spiritual self exists and motivates you forward in many ways. Connect to life and enjoy each precious moment.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon goes into Aquarius at dinner time this evening, giving us a more open mind to things over the next two and a half days. Friendships bloom and social issues become more clear. You feel ready to dive into new ways and new ideas. Others might be more open to your thoughts and explaining them seems easier. Common sense though will prevail. Break out of your normal routine and it will feel much better.

The Moon in Aquarius will oppose Mercury in Leo. You feel enlivened and open to your spiritual gifts but decisions should be carefully considered while this aspect is impacting. Let your thoughts drift and change but do not feed thoughts that support distortion or untruth. Difficulties arise because of the constantly changing environment. Be ready for anything.

The Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. Know some people will continue to be in a bad mood. You cannot change someone’s experience of what is happening in their world. Restrain the response to fix it for them. That may make the situation worse. Trust them to figure it out.

Today the energy might be more complicated and make some people feel picky. Use this energy constructively and let your mind see things in a fresh way. See the awakening beauty of nature all around you. That that energy invigorate you and bring balance into places that seemed out of sorts. Let your grace, charm, and diplomacy lead.

You might notice that things that are unreasonable and irrational seem to be more obvious. Learn to laugh at those moments of humanness. And return to what is most important in life.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The bear observed from the hill above.
Smelling the yum of human dinner and love.
Wanting what we could throw away.
Wishing for a taste of dinner today.
As we chatted in excitement and awe.
The bear decided it was too much hoopla.
~Suzanne Wagner~







At the lodge we are at outside of Creede Colorado, having dinner, across the river, a bear showed up. It generated great excitement and wonder at this young bear, attracted to the smells of food coming from the restaurant. It clearly did not like all the attraction and being noticed and soon when up the hill out of sight for some privacy. But what a lovely gift to see nature in its full glory. We also had a chipmunk wander in the open doors and go directly to the kitchen. The staff laughed and said this adorable thing was their mascot. Learning to include nature in life’s little moments is what this world is all about and give both humans and the animal world pleasure. In such encounters, we all learn to accept and share with each other. While looking sometimes in the outer world we see so much of humanity taking from nature but not always learning to move with nature. I wish for a world that can co-exist with each other. Where we can find that organic connection and flow that supports all things and gives us that feeling of connection to the wonder of life.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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