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Numerology/Astrology for 8/13/18

8/13/18 is the number 5. The number 5 is an independent, fast moving number that wants to deal with what is right in front of itself. This number resents when others want to restrict things and not allow the natural follow through of responsibilities to happen. It is a number of personal freedom but that takes energy and conviction to accomplish. What is it today that you need to accomplish? Where do you need to expand that you have been afraid to try? Where are you being pulled magnetically to shift? Positive life force changes are possible if you are willing to just do it. This number is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, money, love, and abundance. It is a planet of faith and belief. But you have to have faith in yourself, not others. You have to believe in yourself first before you trust others. That is the big problem at the moment. So many wanted to believe in some person to save them from the patterns that were causing them fear and concern. But no one can really save you from such things. Your fears are yours whether they are grounded in the reality or not. Human beings will always make mistakes. Humans are perfectly flawed to mess things up. You are also included in that statement. So, how can you instead of looking for someone to fix what you think is a problem, why don’t you face you fear first about that problem and discover if it is real or if it actually holds any water. What you will find is fears are rarely real. Fears are the exercise the mind and ego put the body through to stop you from moving forward and taking responsibility. It is always us that needs to change. When we change from a deep place on the inside, then the response and reaction to the outside also changes. You cannot fully enjoy life if you are constantly avoiding pain or fear. If you try, you will find that you are caught in a small box of perception and reality. Over times that box will feel very confining and constricting. Eventually you will have to see what is beyond your fear. And that is the moment when you recognize the suffering that you have inflicted upon yourself.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

It is the little things in life that make the biggest difference. It is the things that give us the comfort and connection that show what spiritual family is. Learn to not take others for granted. Know that time is precious and that you never know what is going to happen in the future. Cherish these moments and let them burn into your memory so that when times are difficult that you will have those places of hope and connection to fall back on and know that you are loved.

You might want to expect misunderstandings and misstated feelings. So don’t react, ask questions and get more information so that deep hurt can be avoided. The ground underneath you is not level and softer than you anticipate. You might want to step carefully.

This is a day that when you begin things, there is a strong chance that the follow through will come naturally.

While the world right now, really would crave some order from the constant chaos, it seems that there is a continuation of disturbing things, chores, and details that need to be attended to.

You have moments to learn to not overreact today. Patience gets to be learned and practiced. That may not sound pleasant but if you know that your motivation today is to have some self-control, you may find doors that have eluded you in the past.

This astrology is designed to make events confusing so expect that you cannot see others clearly. Others may not show up when you asked or need them. Emotions swing wildly so use that energy to focus your spiritual path more clearly and those emotions will calm down.

Nerves are on edge this morning and you might wake up from crazy dreams a bit stressed and upset. Just let the emotions move through.

It is through others that we find our bearings today. Another’s strength can really help you get through the patterns that seem to want to overwhelm you.

While real feelings surfacing today is a good thing, the events that happen will also hold a karmic tone to them. Remember, you reap what you sow.

There is the continued challenge of staying on task and focused. Be kind, have concern for others, and take care of those in need.

Overall, it is time to let something or someone go in order for you to move forward. You are seeking deeper connections with others and those that cannot or will not offer that, need to be released from your energetic care. There is no time to waste on those that cannot tell the truth, are unwilling to face their own shadow, and cannot admit when they were wrong. Such people have their own karmic path to follow and if you are wise you will not follow them into their continued illusions.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Illusions break apart
in the harsh light
of reality.
Projections of others
are paper dolls
with no substance.
Where are you
floating a paper boat
in the rain?
~Suzanne Wagner~



It is fascinating to watch people’s avoidance patterns. When things do not go the way they want or believe, each person’s mind is excellent in ways to not look at the obvious, not see what they do not want to see, and to fall into habitual patterns of consolation to make themselves okay.
But illusions break apart in the harsh light of reality.
Projections of others are paper dolls with no substance.
I watch so many who live in a La-La world of make-believe laws and rules that allow them comfort and give them a reason to perpetuate the pattern they are holding in the face of great pain and suffering in the world.
What is actually true is that they are the paper doll.
What is actually true is that they are living a flat and shallow life, so they can only see the surface of things. What is true is that they are afraid of what lies in their own depths. What is true is that they are frozen in a place where the mind cannot accept the reality in which they find themselves. It is hard to wake up. It is hard to thaw those frozen places where we believed we could hide and have safety. It is extremely painful as things awaken and there are those pins and needles feelings that are tremendously uncomfortable.
Such people also just want others to fix it. They do not see it as their job to fix it.
But in this time, everyone is a part of the problems and the solutions. Those that do nothing are those that are so frozen in fear that their inner self has never matured into a real, fully grown up, actualized, conscious adult. They are still a child playing a child’s game of make-believe.
There are so many external factors that those in power want to keep you as children because then they can control your mind and actions. It works for them and it works for them to have all the money, control, power, and influence.
I see it obviously with the difference between dogs and wolves. Dogs have been babied, catered to, and they do not need to really think about hunting or how to get food regularly because it is given to them by humans. That never allows their brain to develop in certain ways through challenge, struggle, and conflict. Those are the things that make us into responsible adults that can handle changing circumstances with acceptance rather than fear.
You also see it in zoo animals. They even take very dangerous animals such as tigers and feed them bottles of milk because that action of suckling keeps them in their minds younger and more dependent. And they continue this even when the animal is fully grown.
What are the actions that keep you from growing up and becoming a functional adult in the real world? Who do you depend on so that you can pass off the survival responsibility to others?
The only way out of this present dilemma is to have many more grown up, conscious, intelligent, informed, rational, adults who intend to work for the greater good of all. Because leaving governments in the hands of paper dolls will only lead to massive destruction of the things that really matter.
The world is not a better place when it is led by people who cannot see past their own perception or projection.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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