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Numerology/Astrology for 8/12/19


8/12/19 is the number 5. The earth, the land, the water, the light, the essence of life is all around of you. Feel into what your body is needing right now. Perhaps a change of diet or exercise is in line with this day. Put your bare feet in the grass and let your body discharge toxins through the base of your feet. And absorb the positive energy through the ground. Nature has the ability to shift all things from a negative to a positive. And it is about our connection to that nature that helps us find our place in life. Complex problems find the path to clarity. Questions get answered that you have been trying to understand. And the calmness of our natural self, take precedence over the rushing and pushing of your normal life.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon is still in Capricorn and so it is still focusing you in the areas of being practical in your approach and to take responsibilities for your actions.

While results are great and help you feel better. It is more important to see something fully. Look at the structure if things are not working. You might have to change some things around.

This heavy Moon aligns with the heavy-hitting planets Saturn and Pluto. And it connects with Neptune bringing your awareness to what really needs to be addressed in your life, whether that is creatively or practically. Regardless, work is going to be required of you.

With Saturn dominating it might be hard to keep a positive mindset. Emotions range in a very wide way. Saturn and Pluto combined are a Master of Winter. So many are feeling the coldness of these times. Some may find it hard to not get down and depressed. Bursts of anger and the reactiveness of the minds of some can lead to conflicts and crisis. There is a sense of reservation and questions arise around the strength of spirit that is left in moments.

But there are positive aspects between the Moon and Neptune which allows your dreams to make you see past problems and into possibilities.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Remembering the moments past that linger in the psyche.
Appreciating the power of the past essentials.
That allow me to be who I am now.
The explorer, the adventurer, the risk taker.
The willingness, the door opener, the curious seeker.
Find that place within that knows there is more to discover.
Then let it loose and see that which was below the surface.
~Suzanne Wagner~







As a child, my family spent our summer vacations in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The company where my father worked, Texas Instruments, gave everyone vacation at the same time. Which was lovely because they just closed the plant for that time. Many of the people my father worked with also (at times) came out to this same area and we did things together, Jeep trips, backpacking, camping, etc. It was so fun and some of my fondest memories were of these trips or of our times up at our lake house on Lake Texoma. Back then, prices were cheaper and paychecks much smaller. But life still felt rich and abundant. I am grateful to have lived in those times and remember, that backpacking meant that you had no pre-prepared freeze-dried foods. We had to do it all ourselves. And it was fun to learn how to be prepared and take a Saran Wrap square and put in one teaspoon of instant coffee, one teaspoon of sugar, and one teaspoon of creamer and then wrap it up and seal it with tape. Then to have to count to make sure you had enough for the whole trip. Of course there were others detailed things that we had to do for all meals but I remember, tasting Lipton Chicken Soup on the trails and feeling like it tasted like heaven! There are so many things now that people want instantly. And yet it is in the learning how to prepare for things that you learn powerful lessons about life and how to appreciate the effort that it takes to make things run smoothly.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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