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Numerology/Astrology for 7/9/19

7/9/19 is the number 19 and if you add the 1 + 9 =  10. Choice is power. Choice has influence. Your choices can shift others when your choices will ignite a moral fiber of conscience in others. Truth spreads in a more subtle way whereas lies spread like wildfire. While truth might be slow it is determined. It never stops. No matter what is thrown at it, it is like water. It will slowly go into the ground and sometimes it will go deep for a long time. But eventually that water emerges and merges with larger bodies of water. The number 10 is about the power of truth. It is about finding your voice, finding your autonomy, and finding out what you really value.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Tuesday morning is restrictive and sluggish as the Sun opposes Saturn. Take the slow and have confidence in your approach even if it goes slower than anticipated.

The Moon in Libra in its quarter phase, bringing difficulties potentially in your career, family life, and relationships. Balance can be achieved but it will be work. You will feel compelled to change.

The Moon sextile Jupiter, making external social challenges more successful and material manifestation possible. Keep a positive attitude. Right now that goes a long way.

The Moon squares Saturn bringing obstacles to situations that you might not have anticipated. Don’t let the melancholy take you down. Unhappiness is a choice but not a wise one today.

The Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn. There are continuing challenges deciding what is fact from fiction. It will make you feel insecure and hesitant. Your self-confidence can suffer and some will be heartless because of it. Know that you are restless today and you might be reflecting on the “father” figures in your life. If great men in your life have passed on, today is a good day to call out for support from them and ask for them to give you much needed insight.

With the Moon square Pluto, mood swings are the norm. And you may want more freedom. But that desire to break out is not advised as it can be uncontrolled and come from the wrong place.

All in all, now is a time to reevaluate your goals and notice what you actually want to do and what you have time and energy to do. No matter what, these next few months are about protecting your own energy and recognizing what is essential to do and what is not yours.

This will allow you to walk a more humble path and to grow up. Meaning that you do not have to please all the people all the time. You only need to do what is your path, your purpose, your mission, and you’re karma.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Life is about embracing
what is the next thing to do.
Life requires you to act, move,
notice, respond, and experience.
Too many believe that
life owes them something.
But you are here to contribute to life.
Those that take and never give back
are still learning about compassion.
We are the only life force that
can take more than we need.
What would it look like to
give more than we take?

~Suzanne Wagner~








I believe all life is in the process of sentience.
Perhaps it is on a different level than our own.
But on a level that helps it to evolve and develop.
We are all light become conscious.
We are all the various forms of embodied love.
We are all to be respected and honored.
Because that is the way to peace.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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