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Numerology/Astrology for 7/8/19

7/8/19 is the number 18 and if you add the 1 + 8 =  9. The Numerology and the astrology are making you want resolution and completion from things in your past. While completion rarely looks the way you picture it, sometimes you just have to accept where someone was and is at, and then let it go.
Completions come in layers.
Completion is often a choice.
That is because you have to be at certain places of awareness, knowledge, and wisdom, to find the right energetic place to find the resolution that allows for a deep relaxation and total surrender of the places from your past that haunt the mind and soul.
Completion comes so you can finally have peace.
Completion comes when you accept others choices.
Completion comes when you stop taking something from the past personally.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Monday morning would be a good time to meet a friend for breakfast and maybe share weekend stories.

The Moon is in Libra and it sextile Mars in Leo. This gives some much-needed courage and a spirit that is open, clear, and adventurous.

Venus and Uranus are playing nicely together so there is harmony and friendship. Because your senses are excited, you run the risk of becoming embroiled in conflicts. Know that your friendships are bridges for your growth.

The astrology is building up the past few days and turns exact this afternoon, the quick planet Mercury and impatient planet Mars will finally line up. You will notice that you are going to move from one task to the next quickly.

The Moon also sextiles Mercury first thing in the morning, making your perception rapid and your practical mind more open to feedback.

The Moon squares Venus in Cancer. Know that today is going to bring emotional moments. It might require some risky actions. Inhibitions and tensions arise around love matters. Family problems from the past come back to haunt you again.

Mercury in Leo Conjunction Mars in the same sign. This makes for a restless and uneasy energy. Try to do one thing and one thing well and completely. You may want to talk but you also may not be listening well to others. You may feel as if you are over-eager and speaking ahead of others and over the top of people. Remember that this behavior can be very irritating. Try to notice when you are finishing another’s conversation and stop yourself. You do not have to do it all. Your mind wants to control all situations. Stop, look, and most important, listen! Don’t let your short tempter make a touchy situation worse.

The square between Venus and Chiron may point to a block in intimacy and bring up insecurities. Always remember that there is beauty in the unfamiliar and the uncommon. While problems of the past can and will re-emerge, you are now driven to deal with them. Challenging moments are there to test our center.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Completions come in layers.
Completion is often a choice.
Completion comes so you can finally have peace.
Completion comes when you accept others choices.
Completion comes when you stop taking
something from the past personally.

~Suzanne Wagner~








Sometimes I can feel the timelines overlapping.
Sometimes I can see past this moment and into a future potential.
But those moments are always potentials not absolutes.
Though the repetitive patterns of human nature are often predictable.
In 1993, I saw this moment in history coming up.
I knew it would begin in 2016.
I knew it would create an ending of sorts.
I did not want to believe what I saw.
Such is often the case.
A future moment seems from the present reality … ridiculous.
That is because you do not have the perspective of sequence
Going from one place to the next without the critical steps
that shift trajectories in subtle ways makes the future seem absurd.
But the absurd and bizarre does happen.
Sequences shift up and down, but also side to side.
That is why future visions seem illusionary from the present perspective.
Dreams, delusions, fantasies, and fairy tales.
Some people can feel the energy shifts right now.
And it makes them feel anxious.
Just like an animal that can feel an earthquake before it happens.
Many are awake enough that they can feel or sense
this unfolding pattern because of the power and intensity.
This is probably the most powerful shift you will feel in this life.
But I and others have been here before.
In the past.
We have watched similar sequences.
We know the projected outcome.
We see the signs all around us.
The more the signs that show up
the more certain we are of the pattern.
And the more we recognize the outcome once again.
I know that there are elements that lack completion from the past.
Past patterns that did not resolve … will tend to repeat and loop.
Those patterns seek an understanding and a clarification.
But clarity does not mean the outcome
of what you project will come to pass.
All moments have choices to change the trajectory.
I watch in wonder at the power of the loop.
The power of repetitive history has a strength to it.
Momentum because of the inertia.
It can be stopped by a massive driving force.
But we must stop doing the pattern.
Too many steps have already happened
that lead us into this trap.
And yet, one major choice can change the entire sequence.
It is up to us.
It always was.
It always has been.
And it always will be.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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