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Numerology/Astrology for 7/7/19


7/7/19 is the number 17 and if you add the 1 + 7 =  8. Breathing fully. Sleeping deeply. Connecting completely. This is what the number 8 requests for this day. Becoming fully engaged with your life and those that are important to you. There is a lot happening and there are moments when you really need to connect and go deep with others. That allows you to not feel alone and to find hope, laughter, and joy. There are many ways to remember to breathe; meditation, singing, chanting, exercise, etc. This is a day for you to destress and to reclaim your own center. Let go of needing to fix the world and instead just relax and find peace.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


Sunday you might want to sleep in and ignore the world. It is the perfect day to hide out. Mercury goes retrograde in the late afternoon until July 31. Mercury Retrogrades are known for their negative, communications breakdown but it can also provide opportunities to make changes and adjustments. It might be time to rearrange your life. It is a great time for a vacation and reevaluate what you really want. This Mercury Retrograde starts in Leo and then backs up into Cancer. You are being asked to take a look at what your heart really wants in life.

The Moon continues in meticulous Virgo and aspecting other planets. Some positively and others not so much so. Be careful to not break the law under the aspect of the Moon squaring Jupiter. With the Moon and Saturn, do the work need to bond the family back together. Healing and resolution require time and effort. While you will not get the results you seek, you will find inner peace. Sometimes you just have to accept the reality and recognize that others will not change but you can change. And that ends up being enough. You might feel like sleeping in on Sunday and going to bed earlier than normal because the Moon and Neptune aspect in a way that gives you much needed rest and relaxation. If you feel exhausted, you are exhausted and it is time to listen to what your body needs. All feelings of love are amplified with the connection of the Moon to Pluto. Let go, let others in, and find that place where you feel safe and belong.

Over all, be responsible, get organized, let others know you can be counted on. It is time to move towards your objectives and be inspired in ways that are enthusiastic and deliberate.

If your mind feels distracted take a nap. There is so much energetically going on around you that you may feel overwhelmed and foggy. Don’t take anything literally. Know that others are emotionally vulnerable. Times are changing and you may be considering a career shift, a change in location, or shifts that will allow you to control your life better.

Late Sunday evening, the Moon will go into Libra and it makes you want to connect emotionally with you mate. It will also stir up some much-needed romance.

Overall, this day is asking you to turn inward and reassess some things that used to be solid. Your awareness recognizes that you are in a new zone on a lot of levels. You will have to rework old systems and patterns.

Because we are in-between two eclipses, things feel stormy and that you are crashing against two shores on the ocean. This can cause some emotional deflation and a waning of motivation and energy. Take the time you need to rest and regroup.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Never regret things that help you reflect fondly and smile.
Never allow anyone to stop you from doing something
because of fear, money, time, or the opinion of others.

~Suzanne Wagner~








I believe that together we can create a world of peace.
But to do that we must aggressively stand against all forms of discrimination and hate. The only way to change this world is through education at a very young age.
Because prejudices often arise from the beliefs of our parents and those people and situations that have influenced us.
Such prejudices also arise from trauma, wounding, upsets, misunderstandings, and fear.
Experience, knowledge, wisdom, sharing, and connection are the tools to make such changes towards harmony.
For those that are already wounded, I beseech you to risk, confronting your fears and discover what is underneath them.
I hope for your healing. But I know that only you can do this level of work within.
This is not something that can be avoided.
At some point in this life or another, you will have to take a look in that shadow mirror and uncover the lies that prevent your heart from opening to everyone and everything.
It is a magnificent journey. One filled with mystery, magic, power, and potential.
Well worth the risk.
The freedom of your soul is worth all the effort.
It is a precious thing that sees through the delusions of this world.
To the truth that rests in comfort and clarity.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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