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Numerology/Astrology for 7/7/17
7/7/17 is the number 6. Be still and listen to that deep inner voice that is attempting to get your attention as it whispers through the loud chaos of life in the moment. You need stillness in order to be able to hear that which is often passed over in the rush of distortion and ego centered righteousness. You probably do not want to listen because that voice is not telling you what you want to hear. It is attempting to warn you, prepare you, and awaken you to the “real” world outside your habitual patterns of behavior and thought. No matter how much we want things to stay the same or go back into a place of comfort, it is just not possible. You must look outside that box in your mind and be willing to find “truth” over your personal prejudices. What you want is not the issue. What is … is what needs to be dealt with. You cannot move forward if you are not fully here in this moment. You cannot make correct choices if you are in denial of what is happening. From that perspective, your choices will fail because you are not including all aspects into your formula. It is difficult to see beyond your own desires. That is why this is called the desire realm. There are so many levels that constantly tempt you out of presence and into the pleasure-seeking qualities that drive so much of humanity forward. It is essential that you learn to see your own desire level of reality and choose to move beyond the level of instant gratification.
Mercury and Venus form a sextile this morning, and this stimulates a desire to cooperate, compliment, encourage, and express affection. Know that under these aspects you are inclined to analyze your relationships and articulate or make sense of your feelings. Promises and clarifications need to be made. Making social connections under this influence is easy. You have the ability to be more polite, diplomatic, and charming. This is a good influence for the presentation of ideas, romantic overtures, teaching, business deals, publishing, commerce, public relations, and joint ventures or partnerships. The Moon continues to transit Sagittarius until 1:45 PM EDT, after which it moves through Capricorn, and you are more interested in results than experience. A Venus-Pluto sesquiquadrate this afternoon may aggravate underlying tensions in social interactions and relationships. Manipulation can color relationships and disagreements about ownership can emerge now
~Suzanne Wagner~
When you love yourself completely,
you do not need to explain or justify
your choices and actions from your past,
because you see them as stepping stones
to your awakening.
Each one an essential piece in a grand puzzle.
But completely impossible to explain to another.
What they will understand is authentic openness
What they will feel is an open heart.
What they will connect with
is the ease and grace that exudes from you.
And what they will remember
is the feeling of freedom in your presence.

~Suzanne Wagner~

I see the storms in the distance building.
I watch in wonder at humanity as it continues to live its numb existence in oblivion.
Even in their naïve ignorance they do not deserve what is coming.
But in this world .. there are rules and laws that must be dealt with and engaged or there are consequences.
Animals are very familiar with those consequences.
They live them every day.
Yet, humanity can create a cocoon of a fake reality around themselves
and then enforce it with their mind’s justification and prejudices.
But the rules and laws of this dimension will be enforced regardless of what humanity wants and needs to believe to validate their small existence.
We are but one small piece in this wheel of life
and we are not as important as we pretend.
One is not better than another.
Thousands of years and culture keep teaching that same lesson over and over again to a seemingly endless litany of excuses and distorted reasoning.
Great teachers have come and gone repeating the same words in a multitude of ways.
But real understanding does not always follow the hearing of truth.
To the ‘unevolved’ those words are a comfortable convenience used to reinforce their personal power and present illusion that is necessary for the comfort and justification within their mind.
How many “hear” the words and “use” the words but do not embody them?
When you do that … it becomes a waste of spirit.
A waste of a precious life that was given in the hope of great promise.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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