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Numerology/Astrology for 7/6/19


7/6/19 is the number 16 and if you add the 1 + 6 =  7. It is time to plan ahead. While things may not come together quickly, planning is still needed and necessary to attempt to steer this boat into calmer waters. There is a realization that planning is going to be the biggest help right now. Knowing when you can and can’t get something accomplished is helpful and takes pressure off you. Don’t worry. Things will come together. Perhaps not in your estimated timeframes but they will in the universal timeframes. The universe always eventually comes around.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


As you wake up the Moon will go into Virgo. This gives you 2 1/2 days to get organized and go through those closets and clean up the garden. Perfect for weekend chores. You will feel so much better when you are through it all. It feels good to be streamlined and to have space once again.

The Moon sextile Venus in Cancer and this aspect is great for love and marriage. Affections are real and you feel more flexible and able to adapt.

The Moon trines Uranus, giving awareness to your ambitions. It is time to explore new paths especially in areas of career.

The Sun is in Cancer and sextile the Moon in Virgo. The desire is for communication to be balanced. Teamwork is the focus. Be supportive of others ideas and projects. Remember, that everyone is doing their very best.

Mercury is moving towards the retrograde station and even though it happens tomorrow, you begin to feel it today. Put off starting a new big project. Later would be better. You might feel confused about your directions and perceptions.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I celebrate the human potential.
I celebrate the human body.
I celebrate human creativity.
I celebrate human consciousness.
I celebrate the great moments
when humanity transcended
it’s obvious limitations.
I celebrate kindness
in response to suffering.
I celebrate compassion
to all living things.
I celebrate hope
in the face of despair.
I celebrate courage
in the face of hate.
~Suzanne Wagner~









I spent yesterday, working with some clients in the morning that were under tremendous challenges and doing everything in my power to listen and be supportive of them as they were going through so much. If there ever was any doubt (which there isn’t) about the patterns of astrology and numerology impacting people simultaneously, it was very obvious yesterday. We are all together in this gigantic melting pot called earth. And everyone is impacting everyone else in greater and lesser degrees. But the larger energies of the planets do impact each of us in many ways also. The eclipse (a few days ago) was effecting many as it was coming in and others as it is moving out. I was very concerned for the clients whose health is breaking down and they were struggling to formulate sentences and find words. I have such compassion for all of us as we eventually go through the dying processes. Learning to let go, is one of the most difficult things to do. There is so much about life that entices us to stay. The love and caring, the family and children, the beauty and adventure, the tastes and sensations. We all want to experience it all and sometimes, we do not realize that we have missed out on some very important things until it is almost to late.
Hold tight to those you love. Express that caring and support. Take the time to share with others in meaningful ways. For some of us that time is shorter than others. Every life is precious. Everyone living feels the same things. We are not so different from each other. Look to find what we share with others rather than those differences. It is a waste of time to constantly seek out what is wrong and refuse to see where we are the same and can connect.
So in the afternoon, I started a mantra. “No matter what be kind! No matter what, no matter what. No matter what be kind!” And I sang it out to the world loudly, softly, in a whisper, and silently for an hour. It was like a prayer to humanity. Sent out on the wind and air, to go to those needing it the most.
I believe in the redemptive quality of the human condition.
I believe that hate is a protection developed by those deeply wounded and hurt. I believe hate is never the answer because it is an unconscious body response to past suffering that is unhealed, unloved, and un-attended to.
And I believe that there are those right now, that are causing suffering and deep hurt to humanity. Because choices that people in power are making are hurting not just the people, but the principals and laws that in the past that have allowed hope and freedom to those brave and courageous enough to take the risks to find a doorway out of poverty and persecution.
When you harm those who are trying to better themselves, you lock yourself in a karmic pattern of suffering that will be a consequence for many lifetimes to come.
“No matter what be kind. No matter what, no matter what. No matter what be kind!”

~Suzanne Wagner~


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