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Numerology/Astrology for 7/5/19

7/5/19 is the number 15 and if you add the 1 + 5 =  6. Within you is the secrets that you seek. The greatest quest is never external but internal. Finding the way to move towards your own center is the greatest reward you can find. God is eternally within the body. The external quests only serve to make us confront those things within that have held us back from our uniqueness and gifts. Within the soul is the spark that guides us and inspires us to discover and uncover.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon begins in Leo but moves into Virgo late Friday, so plan to get something organized or cleaned up this weekend. So as the day begins you are inspired and willing to look for love and appreciate. Keep your heart open and discover what is your next step. But later in the day you may take a look at what you need to approach from a critical and analytical angle. Set the new focus and move from a place of reliability and responsibility.

You worry a bit too much about what others think. Let that go and allow yourself to find your own path.

Venus semi-sextiles Mars and you may be struggling with your approach to something that you feel you want and need. Life is not an either or an or. it is often a combination that is confusing at first to recognize and even more challenging to balance and bring into your daily life.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I know a peaceful heart makes demons run.
Every day my heart diffuses their drum.
Every moment my joy overflows
Even though demons words appose.
I walk in silence and not with fear.
I walk with love and falling tears.
I do not hide from the truth I see.
I turn towards those thoughts that bleed.
~Suzanne Wagner~








The Land of “I Don’t Care”

There exists a place beyond time and space.
That has one door but no exit gate.
It is a place where thoughts converge.
It defends against feelings that emerge.
It is called the place of “I don’t care!”

It exists in places where hate likes to stare.
In this place, love cannot exist.
It is a place where suffering is dismissed.
An empty void beyond where nothing comes to bear.
A place that leads to nowhere.
Life has to care. Life has to feel.
Life calls you to notice, so others may heal.
But in this selfish place of “I don’t Care!”
Lurks deep hurt that can go neither here nor there.
It festers alone in a place of pain.
It refuses to let others climb up and gain.
It wants others to hurt so it can win.
The endless game that their mind spins.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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