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Numerology/Astrology for 7/14/19

7/14/19 is the number 6.  It’s still the weekend. Stop, reflect, and consider your options. That ability to have discernment takes a disciplined mind. The mind will always make things up. It is up to you to be mature enough to restrain the reactive tendencies of the primal brain. That is why people meditate, do yoga, run, and do things that engage the mind without engaging the reactive, repetitive, and less discerning sides of our nature. Cultivate calmness. Study the self. Know your own mind. Heal your wounds. And your mind can become a friend to the soul.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon starts out in Sagittarius so use this enthusiastic and idealistic energy to get things done.

The Moon will enter into the serious, determined, and focused sign of Capricorn around 6 pm in the evening.

Rest up on Sunday and give yourself permission to get a slow start in the morning. That is because obsessive-compulsive Pluto is going to be annoying as it opposes the Sun. You will notice if what you are holding onto is slipping right out of your hands. If you hold on to tight you will make yourself miserable. If you give too much away, your personal power is diminished and your relationships will weaken and events will fall apart. Expect to feel uncomfortable and experience even more disruption. Stay awake. Stay alert. Outside forces are requiring you to take charge. Don’t take any shortcuts. Do it systematically and in a straightforward way. Look for ways and strategies to manage your emotions. Because fears and worries are there for a very real reason. Don’t panic. Know that overreacting is also going to work against you.

The Sun and Jupiter quintile and this will at least help you see the pattern clearly. Notice what is happening and keep that in a positive light. Make the best out of your circumstances.

On the whole, today, don’t be pushed, rushed, or hasty. That is when you will make mistakes. This is a dangerous period and you need to stay focused and on track. There is a risk to waste your energy and that may lead to exhaustion. Be careful stay calm, do what is right, and know that others are on an edge.
~Suzanne Wagner~


You cannot run away from the thoughts in the mind.
Where ever you go. Those thoughts will follow you.
When the mind causes you to take action
Then that reaction can end up being karma.
~Suzanne Wagner~








A warrior is not afraid
to take up space in the world.
A warrior thrives
in a world of competition.
It is hard to grow without
those to challenge you.
Warriors do not know
how they are going to win.
They only know that they will not lose.
A warrior is discerning enough
To know the difference
Between danger and fear.
Danger is imminent and very real.
And fear is always a choice.
A warrior will continue to fly,
Even on fire and
with scorched wings.
A warrior knows
that they are responsible
For stitching up
their own bleeding wounds.
A warrior lives from choice,
rather than chance.
A warrior remains motivated,
When others are being manipulated.
I choose a warrior’s life.
I choose to do that which others won’t
I choose to do the things that others can’t.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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