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Numerology/Astrology for 7/12/19

7/12/19 is the number 4.  Balance is always preferable. Not always easy. Not always the way it goes. But always intended. Especially today. We are all striving to find that place where we can stand in peace in a world that intends to attempt to strip that very thing from all of us. It is up to each of us individually to find that place of solace and contentment that will allow us to move forward. No matter what, be kind, be considerate, be compassionate, and know that everyone is also feeling that stress. A responsible person does not dump on others their own internalized stress. The world is not trying to throw you off. But it is testing your ability to find a middle ground upon which to stand and hold your ground. You cannot hold a space or place from fear, anger, or uncertainty. You can hold a space from peace, center, neutrality, calmness, and clarity. The later takes much less energy than the former.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Friday we are under an adventurous Sagittarius moon, great for a walk in nature or philosophical activity. It will help you to feel more passionate and ardent. You could feel restless and unsettled. There have been many astrological reasons for this over the past week. But it might get stronger today and over the next few days. This aspect works well for studying and higher education. A more direct approach is the way to go.

The Moon in Sagittarius trines Mercury in Leo. This aspect continues to awaken minds and help you adapt to this constantly changing reality.

The Moon trines Mars in Leo. You are going to be happy that this aspect gives you more willpower, courage, clarity, and an unstoppable adventurous spirit.

A retrograde Mercury and Neptune forms a sesquiquadrate, and this can either make you more focused or more fractured. Take your time. Don’t get overwhelmed. Train your mind to stay on task.

As the day progresses, the Moon-Mercury connection will help you open up lines of communication. Honesty is easier than other options.

~Suzanne Wagner~


A warrior sees the whole battle
before it begins.
A warrior watches in silence
as the enemy unfolds their plan.
A warrior is calm and patient
as the enemy schemes.
A warrior cannot be fooled
by the games of evasion.
A warrior always sees who
and what is pulling the strings.
A warrior waits for a moment.
A warrior knows the weaknesses
of the enemy.
And a warrior calculates the moves.
A warrior knows that battles
are strategically lost,
in order to maneuver
the enemy into
a vulnerable position.
A warrior knows that
battles are won by a mind
that can see the whole pattern.
A warrior knows that insight
and plans are necessary
to win the war.

~Suzanne Wagner~








Meaningless words.
Hollow promises
Distribution of wealth
designed to cripple
economies and hope.
Lessons are learned
in hardship and suffering.
The Piper is coming.
Payment will be expected.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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