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Numerology/Astrology for 7/11/19

7/11/19 is the number 3. This number is about the positivity that can happen at all times. Even trying times such as these. There is a moment when your external actions are what you can control. Inside you feel what you feel. You cannot deny those feelings without them becoming toxic and unhealthy. There is a difference between being so aware and knowing what you feel and knowing that what you feel is not real. When you know and recognize that you are in reaction, then you have more control and you are at choice. Then you choose to stay positive even when you are consciously irritated or upset. You get to choose to not dump your upset on others. Especially those people that it is not their fault. Stay present. Deal with what is up. Stay honest with what you feel and know that you always have a choice as to how you react.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Mercury and Mars are especially active. Be more aware of others if you are driving or working with mechanical things. Mars is making a challenge to Uranus and this tends to make things break and earthquakes occur. People with anger issues are more inclined to act out. Stay calm. Do not poke the bear.

The Moon in the intensely emotional sign of Scorpio sextile Saturn, bringing the desire to accountability and responsibility. While I hope this one works this time, honestly I have little hope that one more time, this energy will break through the external restrictions to truth. Turn towards your personal goals and know that your objectives have a good intention. Then move deliberately in that direction.

The Moon trines Neptune. While the positive side of this aspect is pleasant, imaginative, and intuitive, in the external world I am noticing where it is acting out in a more scattered, exhausted, and emotionally spent way. Many just do not have the focus or drive with this overly feeling oriented aspect. It is hard to stay positive when the emotions continue to hit in series and waves. Do your best. Find something that you like and move in that direction. When emotions are running high, I prefer to put my energy into nature, gardens, and things that have no obvious intention of triggering me.

Mars in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. This will make more irritability. Just what we all need, I know. UGH! While you may feel restless, out of balance, and passionately contrary, this is a moment to remember that you are not what you feel. That may help you stay calm.

Sun trines the Moon bringing the power back to the parents. A helpful aspect if you have children. They just may want your help and ask for your advice. Stay calm. Listen. And remember what it was like to be their age.

The Moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto. While this is a perfect aspect for traveling and we are in the travel moment, let that adventurous side out.

This is a moment to take the lead in your life. This is a time to begin to heal, cleanse, and teach. Be brave. Be fearless. It is time to change. And it is time to address the problem areas in your life.

While Mars and Chiron trining is the perfect time for healing. Use this impulsiveness for your health but don’t take unnecessary risks or act impulsively.

Goals need to be defined and changed. Anything that is outdated needs to go. You don’t have the energy to fight the waves. It is time to flow with this new pattern.

~Suzanne Wagner~



The perspective of a mind
that is immature.
The disposition of a soul
that has no capacity
to observe rather than react.
A person who wants things
to go wrong for you
because nothing
is going right for them.
A person who does not
show respect for others
when they not getting
what they want.
Everyone has moved
through phases of immaturity.
But childishness is a choice.
You can be a mature person
and still be childlike.
You can be a mature person
and remain playful and alive.
When you are childlike you are
connected to ancient wisdom.
When you are childlike
you see beyond the mind
and into the magic of the moment.
When you are childlike
you are fully present.
When you are childlike
you are fully expressing love.

~Suzanne Wagner~








I am horrified by the constant expressions of hate. That which has for so long been repressed because of a global and national consensus that such things are not to be expressed because of social in-acceptance, now seem to have permission to be spoken. It has a big eye-opener to me as to how many hold very antiquated, toxic, mis-informed, and prejudiced beliefs. I know it is the only way for these things to be cleared out. You have to move the furniture to get all the crap out from underneath things. You have to move all items in order to really clean things out. So much that has been hidden is now being exposed to the glaring light of truth. It is good. It is painful. From my perspective, “It’s about time!”

~Suzanne Wagner~


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