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Numerology/Astrology for 7/11/18

7/11/18 is the number 2. The number 2 makes you look at the team you are associated with? We live in a world of duality and that duality often manifests as the taking of sides. What side do you stand on in the evolution of history and your personal evolution? Do you turn towards hate or towards inclusion? This number is associated with the Moon and while on the 12th there is a Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer (ruled by the Moon) this number is the reminder for you to look at how you express truth in the world. Are you able to take responsibility for what you think and feel? Are you aware of where you are in balance or out of balance? Are you aware of where you are considerate or inconsiderate? If you fear the unknown and the new world then you are living in the past. If you are caught in wanting a world to be what you want it to be then you are not being your highest and most authentic self. If you are moving from a place of inner strength, you flow from the place of making harmony in the world, and you live from a place of being considerate, even when that consideration is viewed as weakness by others, then you are moving from a place of an integrative duality. If you can love your own weaknesses then you will be kind to the weak. If you can love all parts of yourself, then you are tolerant as you move through life. If you are sensitive to your own feelings then your words in the external world will be kind.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Wednesday evening is excellent for getting out of your routine and meeting friends. The Moon continues to transit Gemini until around 2 pm EDT, when it enters Cancer. Now you wish to favor comfort over satisfying your curiosity.

Socially, while you can hold part of yourself back. Try to have a pleasant but perhaps are more eccentric attitude to others today with a Venus-Uranus trine and a Venus-Chiron quincunx. It is time to feel creatively inspired, celebrate the unusual, and take a few risks. You are a little more open-minded than you have been in a while so use that in your relationships, business, and entertainment. This type of attitude can open you up to new opportunities. It is time to break away from your usual choices. You seek some new flavors and ways of doing things. Furthermore, you might be intrigued by those differences that used to be so irritating. You could be a find yourself afraid of commitments. You are so open that you might need to watch for where you put yourself into situations that you may not be ready for. So be careful to not project someone’s openness for an invitation to deeper intimacy. This intimacy is being experience by the person as their own expansion. That growth right now does not actually include others. They are finding a deeper love and intimacy with themselves and how they interact in the world. This is particularly the case with an approaching Sun-Pluto opposition, exact early tomorrow. Remember, there is a big Solar Eclipse occurring tomorrow night in the sign of Cancer. Something is rising up from your depths and is going to manifest a new beginning for you in your life. Can you see where the universe is turning you?

~Suzanne Wagner~


May today allow you to leave
the ghosts of your past behind.
May today allow you to find the peace
that comes with acceptance.
May today allow you to discover
what is beyond your ego.
May today allow you to uncover
the power that is yours to have
when you stop hate all-together.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Some people have passion for chaos and their energy breeds more of it.
Some people have turned passion off its center and when life force energy is distorted out of its natural place it becomes anger. So then that is what they see and express in the world.
Some people have passion for fear. And the colored glasses they look out of only see and reflect back to them the fear that they feel inside.
Some people have passion for purpose. And they find joy in doing and achieving.
Some people have passion for art. And they use their life to create meaning, beauty, and depth in the world.
Some people have passion for life. And they live at the edge constantly to feel connected to something bigger than themselves.
Some people have a passion for healing. And they want to heal others because they are seeking to heal themselves.
I personally am a seeker of truth and consciousness.
I look for the truth that underlies all distortion and projection.
I look for what are the essential elements of life and love in this world that is beyond the ego and the mind.
I look for what survives all the human interference and chaos that people create to feel alive.
I look for what remains after all the false selves are shattered.
I look for the life that regenerates after humanity tries to destroy their own world.
I look for what is beyond the inflated egos that are desperate to be right in a world gone wrong.
I look for what remains when humanity finally recognizes that it is not all powerful and not as god-like as it wants to believe.
I look with the eyes of a watcher that lives in the future looking backwards at the past choices and decisions of humanity.
I watch the folly and the fodder of the mind.
I watch the destructive tendencies of humanity that cannot or will not be stopped because of their attachment to their illusion and justifications.
I watch humanity not learn from its past.
I watch humanity make the same mistakes again and again.
I watch them destroy their own wonderful potential with a wanton disregard to anyone or anything but their own ego.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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