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Numerology/Astrology for 7/10/19

7/10/19 is the number 11. You can either keep this as the number 11 or you can add the 1 + 1 and get the number 2. Personally, I try to keep such energy as the 11 because it is a number that transcends the negativity of the number 2. Sometimes I find that it is a fight between those two numbers. For a moment you fall into the pattern of critical mind and let the negativity of the world get to you. Then you shift and attempt to see things from a higher perspective. Overview is a great skill to practice and learn. Life is about consistently fighting the negativity in the world. If you allow the world’s constrictive energy to depress you and make you fall into hopelessness, then you turn into the negative side of your nature. It is not worth it. See what helps you reach for that overview, that more clear perception in your life. Then let that inspire you to be better, to find ways to change yourself. And from there, perhaps you can change the world.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Wednesday is a much easier day,  though your ambition might be lacking.

Neptune is attempting to help you relax and sleep better.

The Moon goes into the deep and penetrating sign of Scorpio. Making this the time for passion and sensuality. Be warned that for some there can be the feelings of wanting to lash out at those that believe and see the world differently. The shadow side of this Moon is vindictiveness and an inability to forgive others for past mistakes. This is a moment when significant changes can happen.

The Moon squares Mercury retrograde also in Leo. Spiritual gifts become obvious. If you carefully look backwards to recent events you might just notice that while you have a problem happening now, if that problem happened earlier, it would have really been a problem. Decisions are big and need to be carefully considered. Know that there are those out there that want to change your thoughts and make you deviate from the truth. If you allow that then difficulties complicate in ways that you will really not want to navigate.

The Moon squares Mars, so don’t let this aspects quarrelsome nature get to you. It wants to make you look before you leap. Never a wise move. Do your best to not pick a fight with others. You would be wise to not overstep financial issues. Be passionate and delicate in your movements.

The Moon Opposes Uranus and the eccentric behavior in the external world is going to continue. Remember to breathe. You don’t want your reactive, misguided side to make the decisions that will impact you for years to come. Attempt to stay the course, because the changeable mood fluctuations can make problems happen. Use restraint to rein in the chaos that threatens the stability.

The Moon trines Venus and it is time to make modify certain things before those behaviors and actions cause more disputes.

The Sun trines Neptune and it assists you to be more refined in your sensitivity. Perhaps you will notice the metaphysical and mysterious phenomenon that are happening all around you. It is happening to remind you that you are blessed.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I believe that this world can find peace.
I believe that this reality can be whole again.
I believe that those responsible will get their karma.
I believe that humanity is demanding accountability now.
I believe that those that harm others will have to answer for their crimes.
I believe that most of humanity is caring and wanting to be better.
I believe that the shift has begun to happen.
I believe that those that have done wrong are scared.
I believe that the old guard is dying a painful death at this time.
I believe that we will never go back.
I believe that it is time to tell the truths about our horrible past.
No country is ever perfect.
But those that will try to tell the truth,
can stand the test of time
~Suzanne Wagner~








Rain flooding the White House. Even nature is attempting to clean up the toxic mess of this government. But there is not enough water to wash away the sins of these people. As I have always said, the truth eventually comes out. It always does. There are those that will never accept the truth because they need their delusions in order to validate their own dysfunction and their own sins and lies. We live in a world where the wealthy use their power to put pressure on those with less status, money, power, and influence. Now, I recognize that this is a pattern that has existed for millennia. But now, it finally is so abusive and so overt that it is no longer okay. For that I am grateful.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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