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Numerology/Astrology for 7/10/18

7/10/18 is the number 10. The number 10 helps Jupiter amplify and expand as the planet goes finally forward and we begin the number 10/1 day also. The number 10 is the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot and as such there is a thread of optimism creeping into the psyche of many. It is the story of Isis and Osiris. Osiris was killed by his brother Seth, and then parts of his bod were scattered around the earth. Isis (a very powerful fertility Goddess) tried to find all the parts and put him back together again because she did have power to create life. But the one part she could not find was his heart. So she put him back together minus his heart and breathed life back into Osiris, so she could make love to him one last time and through that connection Horus was born. But without his heart, Osiris could not survive and did die. Today, what are you trying to breathe life back into. Do you have all the parts? Are you missing an essential ingredient? Because without heart, power alone is not enough. Pride and arrogance are a symptom of these times. How does holding such a position kill your heart, tear down love, and destroy the good powers in the world?
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Jupiter stations and finally turns direct today after four months of retrograde motion. As expansive Jupiter ends its backwards motion that started early in March, you can begin to put constructive effort into expanding those new projects. Just know that it will be September before there is better traction for those products to really move forward. Over the next few weeks, those matters that are ruled by Jupiter will move forward more and gradually gain traction. You begin to feel more loved and appreciated. Your confidence begins to build back up. Your faith and perspective in the world will expand. Just know that as this shift occurs, issues may seem bigger and badder than you expected. This direct turn can feel refreshing at a time when there is quite a bit of retrograde activity.

Warning Alert, there is a Solar Eclipse happening in just two days. So, expect your life to feel a bit more intense. Also today, continue to find value in organizing and re-structuring your home life. With Saturn trine to Ceres, responsibilities to those you love come more clear. Be aware that there are tendencies towards possessiveness and excessive attachment which can be aggravated with Pluto in this difficult aspect. Be careful to not drive the people or things that matter in your life, away. You might try to resist the urge to control and manipulate others. Watch your language if you are doing things that seem to muzzle others also.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Having passion for something
is the instigator of movement
in the direction of your interests.
That passion allows you
to stretch your mind
out of the box of limitations
to discover the limitlessness
of your true essential being.
~Suzanne Wagner~


It is fascinating to watch the flow of movement with humanity as it searches for depth and meaning in life. While at the same time there is an intrinsic fear of really going deep with another. That fear can be so profound that you become like a skipping stone bouncing off the surface of the water. You are moving so quickly that you do not drop down and into the very thing that will fulfill your soul.

All humans need to feel acknowledged and special.
All humans want to feel connected to others in ways that impact and help to change things.
All humans have something unique within that is trying to find its way out into the world.
It often has to twist and turn around the fears and insecurities.
It often has to express in less functional ways because of the fear of being too different.
Do you want to live a life that has shallow fulfillment while your soul craves something deeper?
Are you willing to stop moving and look at the behaviors that limit the movement of your soul into those deeper, scarier, more vulnerable places?
Are you going to slow down enough to let your soul drink deeply from the wellspring of infinite space?
Don’t miss that chance.
Take that risk and find out that right in front of you is what you need for happiness.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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