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Numerology/Astrology for 7/10/17
7/10/17 is the number 9. Let the swirling, curling energy of the number 9 remind you as to how to move in this chaotic world. The straight and direct approach seems to not be working, so you have to move in the direction and as you get closer, the target will become more clear. You cannot see into the future what you have never witnesses or have a reference for. The mind (which translates information) is a machine of matching and comparing. If you feel lost and don’t know what is around the next bend and cannot seem to see a path or direction, know that you are not alone. You are at the edge of your known reality and the only way to find the clarity is to open and trust in a way that will force your ego to want to fight and resist. But your ego does not have the answer. It never did. Those pictures you cherished in your mind were not even a possibility but an illusion put there by all this Neptunian distortion. It is time to shift into the truth of what is actually happening rather than what you wanted to happen. If it is not clear at this point that what you thought was not real, they you are dangerously still caught in the dream world of non-reality. Humanity is attempting to wake up and deal with the real problems facing life on this planet. There is no more time to avoid or blame others. Each of you has a piece in this mix. And each of you can contribute to the solution. But you must be willing to stretch that neck of yours and move out of hiding into active participation.
How are you balancing nurturing and responsibility? Avoid ego battles and obsessive-compulsive people. Stand in your power, but be kind to those who are feeling beat up by the world. Think about where you give your power away, and how you can reclaim your energetic life force. Be willing to go to your emotional depths to get in touch with your vulnerability. The work week begins under an Aquarius Moon. This is excellent for sharing higher ideals and working with people who have a different philosophy than you. Just remember that others can be right too, even when there is a paradox between your perspectives.  The Sun completes its opposition to Pluto shortly into the day, stimulating a battle within between light and dark, although you may meet this through your interactions with others. The Moon ends its transit of Capricorn at 1:35 AM EDT and enters Aquarius. With the Moon in Aquarius, you seek to be fair and supportive while maintaining some form of independence. A dynamic aspect between Mercury and Saturn this morning can point to communication blocks, restrictions, or inhibitions. Be ready because you may need to go over something that you previously thought was complete. Calmly return to the problem, deal with red tape, and face some skepticism or criticism.
~Suzanne Wagner~
The first attribute that characterizes
the greater man from the moron
is his thicker layer of inhibition.

~Martin H. Fischer (1879–1962)~


Your actions are recorded in your DNA.
A memory of what you have done.
The actions that matter, are the ones that impact others.
Those actions have a greater impact
on your evolutionary choices going forward.
If you hurt others, you will have to experience what that feels type of hurt feels like to find the middle path and awaken to the fact that as a human, you have more power to impact everyone and everything.
With that much power comes huge responsibility and there are consequences for misuse of power and your soul’s potential.
Choices made now can take lifetimes for the full impact and understanding to unfold.
The path is kindness.
The path is love.
The path is to minimize suffering.
The path is compassion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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