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Numerology/Astrology for 6/9/19

6/9/19 is the number 9. All things in this world circle round. The sun rises as the moon sets. A complete rotation is the process of this universe. All things rotate around and come back to a starting point to begin again. And that beginning is always new, fresh, and filled with potential. But beginnings require endings. The cycles of life, from birth to death is what everything in this world knows is inevitable. Everything in between is what we came to fill in with our experiences, choices, actions, and deeds. You are a circle. You are coming round again. What is completing in your life? What awareness are evolving and changing? You discover how far you have come when the cycle completes a rotation. Take a look at your progress. Congratulate yourself on an amazing journey. And prepare for the next one.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Sunday, the Moon is in Virgo and that means you want to get a lot of tasks accomplished.

Sun is making a challenging relationship to Neptune during the lunch hour (Pacific Time), and that can lead to not getting those tasks completed (as in, wanting to take a nap!). Exhaustion sets in and your look towards your spiritual needs now. It feels like the reality isn’t measuring up to your ideals or needs. Hopelessness threatens to collapse your heart and soul. You have no motivation to do anything for a moment. It feels as if all your sense of certainty in life is gone and you feel shocked and lost and how deep the external dysfunction goes. The problems are so large you don’t know what to do. The choice is to keep going. That is the only choice. Many things try to distract you and you look to spiritual tools to help you understand and make sense out of this moment. But even those tools fall short and once again you are left with a tense world that is suffering and in pain. Accept that. That is the beginning of understanding on a larger whole rather than just from a narrow perspective of self. Know that others will be very impatient. Do not poke the bear. Everyone is at the end of their rope.

Venus continues in Gemini where it will stay till the end of the month. It should help in the communication skills that desperately need to happen in the world right now. It opens minds and hearts. Those with a more timid disposition will feel a bit more courageous. Curiosity expands and there is a feeling that you want to move and dance to the music within or out in the world.

The Moon sextile Mercury in Cancer. Bringing some back and forth but better judgment. You may feel as if you have more independence and a quicker perception. It helps in all things that open minds.

The Sun in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. This unfortunately continues the emotional rollercoaster that is our life at this time. External things feel very personal to you, your life, your values, and what is important to you. And that would also be very true. It is necessary for the changes that are coming.

The Moon sextile Mars in Cancer. This is the “kick in the pants” that will give you a strong will and great courage. You may need it to steer your mind into the next adventure.

The Moon opposes Neptune. Those that are feeling imbalanced, sensitive, and that have a tendency to be passive will use this to have flights of fantasy. Thoughts are changeable and truths are taken literally. It may feel like a daydreaming sort of day.

The Moon at half-mast in Virgo, it brings up difficulties in the areas of your career, family life, and relationships. Stay calm. Listen to others. And know that they are struggling also.

The Moon trines Saturn. The responsibility to take the chaos and somehow organize it into manageable pieces is strong. You feel like you are reliable and that your mind is being logical. You want to deliver your objectives and complete tasks. It is a good day for your career.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Life’s challenges are supposed
to show you who you are.
Life’s upsets are supposed
to show you where you are lacking.
Life’s dramas are supposed
to show you what you have avoided.
Life’s dreams are supposed
to show you, your potential.
Life’s mistakes are supposed
to show you, your fear.
Life will show you all you are missing,
avoiding, fearing, loving, and hoping for.
~Suzanne Wagner~






The emotions rise in the moon’s light.
The sun rises bringing hope, big and bright.
The tides turn and the waves crash
The birds sing and the boys laugh.
The world turns and the leaders play.
Games that create hate and dismay.
The evil you are is the suffering you do.
The love you have helps you make it through.
We will all live through some difficult times.
Some are public and others more sublime.
You cannot stop the lessons that come.
Rising and falling to hates drum.
You learn balance when you see what you deny.
You learn compassion when you continue to try.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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