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Numerology/Astrology for 6/8/19

6/8/19 is the number 8. If you feel it, let it out. Holding in intense emotions for too long is toxic to the body. I try to operate from the place of admitting. Admit what you feel in each moment, at least to yourself. Accept what you are feeling and allow it to move through with love. Love all your depth. Love all your loss. Love all the challenges. You can love through things to the point that they reveal a truth that is often deeper than the obvious. Underneath all emotions are often core wounds that have been hidden by the surface emotion. That is why allowing emotions to be witnessed and accepted is so powerful. You are then willing to discover and uncover what you have hidden from yourself and the world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


There is a shift from play to work with the Moon moving from Leo into Virgo in the afternoon. You will want to tidy things up and get things back in order.

On Saturday, Venus moves into Gemini until July 3. This can be a fun and flirty energy or leave you feeling scattered, over-thinking, and disjointed. Venus in Gemini is associated with healing. It is a good time to heal and bring greater beauty in your life in the weeks ahead. It is a good time to get out and play with friends. You feel you have an honest and joyful heart. Your mood it passionate and you want to help manifest things that have sustainable value. The weakness of this pattern is a fickle quality. Do your best to be friendly and courteous. Bonding comes first on a mental level.

First thing this morning, the Moon and Jupiter will offer success through material gains. It is a great time for someone else to cook and surprise you with new and interesting flavors or perhaps it is you doing some new recipe. It is all about unexpected pleasures.

The Moon squares Venus, creating some emotional moments and making some want to take risky actions. There are tensions in love matters. Watch out for family arguments.

The Moon goes into Virgo mid afternoon and it approaches a critical and analytical place. Try to not over-think it. Know that you need to be reliable and responsible for whatever you put into motion.

The Moon in Virgo trines Uranus. You have a heightened awareness, feel much more persuasive, and ambitious. Your mind is diamond like, pure and genuine. There are new paths to explore and new ways being tried. This is a great aspect for work and prosperous development.
~Suzanne Wagner~


There were many moments
when life seemed so bad
that I woke up and put on
my mask just like
I put on my clothes.
It was a shield to hide
what I felt inside
and present what I
believed the world
wanted to see.
But being what others
wanted only allowed me
to deny the importance
of the truth of what I felt.
And perpetuated the
belief that what they
wanted was more
important than my
~Suzanne Wagner~






Putting a mask on every day and going out into the world can be exhausting over time if you can never really be your authentic self. Do you like the mask that you feel obligated to put on every day? If you really look in someone’s eyes you will recognize that hiding lies is an illusion. We live in a society that condones not looking in the eyes of others directly. And that is why we are deceived. But we cannot look in the eyes of others and really hold their gaze if we are lying to ourselves first and refuse to notice our own hidden issues, fears, insecurities, and weaknesses. You were designed to have feelings and emotions for a reason. You are built to feel all the complex emotions of this domain. Feeling what you are feeling is not a failure. Not feeling what you are feeling creates walls that separate us from others and lock us in places of perpetual suffering. You can try to hide your feelings but the eyes always speak. Your eyes will betray the truth if you hold the gaze of a person long enough. If you cannot do that with another then you are not really willing to know who that person is. If you cannot lock eyes for a minute with another person, their issues and wounds are often similar to your own. It is like attempting to look a mirror but you are afraid to see a reflection of what you have avoided admitting within. We often choose people in our life that mirror that wounding. That is how we end up supporting certain people and causes. We see within them …. Us. And that is why without looking in a real mirror at yourself for long periods of time and revealing what you are hiding from the world is so important. Without that ability, you cannot and will not consciously see the distortions being reflected in your own life.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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