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Numerology/Astrology for 6/8/18


6/8/18 is the number 7. The number 7 is about the collective consciousness awakening. On so many levels this world needs this energy. It is about looking at the rules that you tout and say you live by and then what you do externally in the outer world. Take a look to see if they are congruent and in alignment. Where are you standing in pride and narrow-mindedness? Where are you uncompromising and unwilling to seek out all the information? The Tarot Card, the Chariot is associated with the number 7. The Chariot is about taking a look at what you are fully committed too? The number 7 reminds you that the special function of the “human life” is to acquire learning through experiences and sacrifice. It reminds you that humanity has a deep inner need to find depth, meaning, and spiritual connection. Ultimately the quest is to ask they bigger question, “Why are you here?” Once you have enough money, food, protection, respect, etc. The only thing left to do is a spiritual journey to discover the higher purpose of your existence. What I know for a fact, for each and every one of you is that you are not here to support lies, corruption, deception, and the promotion of fear. I know that you are not here to support the wealthy to harm those with less. I know that you are not here to promote more suffering on this planet. I know that inside you have a spark of light and love whose goal is to bring you into complete balance with unconditional love and compassion.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Astrology Today

Friday is better for moving your body under and Aries Moon. The Moon gives you a more assertive and sometimes impatient quality. The quincunx between Mercury and Pluto this morning may find you doubting or second-guessing your decisions and choices. You may have a hard time getting your message across or coming to a decision that feels right. Know that you can trigger negative responses in others. You could also find it difficult to digest or accept certain news that comes to you. There can be some tensions related to what or how you communicate. Know that this is a moment when others can trigger hostility, negative feedback, or perhaps power struggles. It can be difficult to make objective decisions now and you may have to revisit past choices and adjust your plans. Later today, you move towards another minor challenging aspect involving Mercury and Mars. Avoid impulsive communications or decisions. You should aim to be quick but not hasty.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Love and compassion
are necessities,
not luxuries.
Without them
cannot survive.

~Dalai Lama~




You get to define yourself as a part of humanity when you utilize the meaning of that word. Humanity means, benevolence. The word, Humane means to have or show compassion or benevolence. Inflicting the minimum of pain. And having a civilizing or refining effect on people. Take a look to see if you are acting in the highest accord with the word that defines your existence. Notice if your intent is to cause harm and to lash out with your hate. Notice if your intent is to inform and to shatter illusions that perpetuate excessive suffering. There is a difference and do not let those suffocating under their own inner hatred tell you otherwise.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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