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Numerology/Astrology for 6/5/19

6/5/19 is the number 5. The Number 5 is about doing what is necessary in life, for it to move as smoothly as possible. It is often as simple as doing what is put right in front of you … immediately. The mistake many make is to put off or delay what needs to get done. That just makes things pile up until you feel overwhelmed with too many things and that creates resentment and the feeling that you are incompetent. It is really a game of surrender. You have to deal with things as they come up. Then they do not take much time and you feel that you can still have a life and times of joy to relax and appreciate what you have accomplished. Procrastination is a form of anger. It is like a stubborn child that does not want to do what it knows it needs to do. Such an emotion is a huge waste of time and energy. It takes a lot of energy to resist what just is. Remember, the universe is not trying to punish you. It is simply presenting moments in time where you are required to deal with the physical world in order to learn and become proficient in this realm.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Cancer gives us permission to personally pursue what interests us the most. It allows you to give attention to the things you love and care about.

The Moon’s alignment with Mars allows for your courage to break through the fear with enthusiasm and daring. Insight comes from following impulses and initiative.

The Moon will oppose Saturn later in the day, adding a dose of frustration into the mix. Little things mess us and take your focus and attention away from the things you wanted to rely upon. Work is very demanding and it feels like a bunch of contrasts today.

You want to relax. You want comfort but the astrology today will keep putting circumstances in your way forcing you to do what is being asked for rather than what you intended. Try to not get too upset. After all, life is about one more thing that needs to be done. You are seeking to find that perfect illusive balance between your personal and public life. You are dancing between discipline and joy.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The new physics provides a modern
version of ancient spirituality. In a
universe made out of energy,
everything is entangled;
everything is one.

~Bruce H. Lipton~







May your path help you find your truth.
May your heart guide you always towards love.
May your choices reflect compassion.
May your mind seek the joy in all things.
May your body shake off that which no longer serves.
May your soul trust the journey.
May your guides speak clearly.
May your essence always find its way back home.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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