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Numerology/Astrology for 6/4/19

6/4/19 is the number 4. Four walls wrap around us and protect us in our homes. The number 4 always feels to me like a big bear hug. Like when the Divine Father and Mother hold you and help you feel safe and secure. The number 4 is about the contentment and relaxation that comes when you feel safe. I believe that everyone wants to feel safe. It is a primary emotional goal in this chaotic world. I believe that this is why humanity has created homes and tribes in order to have the safety. Without others (in ancient times) we were vulnerable to the powerful outside forces of nature. You needed others to help stabilize that security. Being on alert at all times is exhausting. Learning to depend on others was important in managing societies. That required everyone to learn to work together. The more the rules and laws supported coexistence, fairness, and balance, the more that society could flourish, grow, and expand. But learning to work together for the greater good is the basis of all societies. Those that work against that are actively tearing down the 4 walls that have held that protection in place over time. Learning to co-exist is the answer to most problems of society.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Tuesday afternoon, mental Mercury moves into the emotional, homey, sign of Cancer. You will want more interconnection. Being with others in a place of comfort and ease has a high priority. Mercury will stay here until June 26 when he moves into Leo. But Mercury turns retrograde in July and will move back into Cancer during the latter half of July and early August. This will make it feel like an extra long time focusing this energy on family. It is time to take the communication of your emotional needs to the next level. Listen to the feelings of those in your life that you perhaps ignore. The next few weeks are all about home and family. In a way, this is perfect as we slowly roll into summer. Summer is a time for those vacations, camping, and connecting with family in reunions and other holidays accentuate picnics, being outside, and enjoying nature. With Mercury in Cancer you have an opportunity to take your skills of communication to a much more intuitive level. It gives depth to your words and you become more sensitive to others in meaning, care, and action.

There is an added bonus of the Sun being in a creative aspect to Saturn today. It will help you sort out all those things you have needed to organize. Order begins to emerge out of the chaos and problem-solving is a high priority.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Just because you presently do not have an answer to a problem,
does not mean there is no answer to that problem.
Trust in your ability to discover the answer over time.
Within you are the answers to problems you have not yet asked.
Many problems can be solved with connection and a hug.

~Suzanne Wagner~







I often wonder what it will take for humanity to learn to co-exist with each other and all life on this beautiful planet? It will take something, such as an event, to happen. And that event would have to be on such a large scale that everyone, at the same time, finally decides to accept each other as they are. That this event is so severe that an awakening to the reality, will finally happen simultaneously all over this world. That awakening would have to be the realization that without accepting where someone is in their personal evolution, the world will forever be in chaos, suffering, upset, and war.
I believe this is what is happening right now in the world. The dysfunctional beliefs that separate, cause harm, justify, and condone horrific behavior are having a very bright light shown upon them. And to some, it is a shock to see the truth that there are so many that still harbor hate and resentment to others who do not believe as they do.
The illusions bubbles that we have lived in have been burst and we see instead the toxic morass of emotion that lurks in the unhealed places of wounded souls. That is the only way that you can actually hate. If you were wounded, to such a severe degree, you will have to put up a layer of protection, defense, justification, and belief that you would then project out into the world to keep yourself safe from what you have determined is the enemy. But the enemy is always inside, first and foremost. The external in this reality always reflects the disowned self within. That which you hate in the external world, you hate within yourself. That does not mean that you overtly express that archetype out into the world. In fact, often, you do not. But you do repress it and then do it internally to yourself.
This is a powerful teaching moment in history. It is an opportunity to see in the external world the triggers that you hide from yourself in the internal world. And, no! It is not a pleasant sight to see. But the only way through on a global level is for us to tell ourselves the truth. We want to see ourselves in a positive light but within each of us is light and dark. Power comes from knowing your own darkness. Befriending it. Loving it. And allowing it to give you feedback in times where it has the expertise. Only in this way can you become whole and not react to the external world as it convulses with the combined denied projections of others.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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