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Numerology/Astrology for 6/25/19

6/25/19 is the number 16 and if you add the 1 + 6 = 7. At this time in the world over and over again, situations ask you about where your personal boundaries are? At what point is something too much? At what point do you draw the line? At what point do you say “No!” For each person, that line is crossed at different times and it is often when something hits on a more personal note and place in your psyche. For women it is often about if you hurt children or animals in any way. For others it might be when your finances are impacted in a way that others are taking too much and you are getting the short end of the stick. Each person will be forced at some time in their life to take a hard look at those lines and if your choices and decisions were early or late. Those that are early are like the canaries in the coal mine, warning of impending crisis when others want to fall asleep in their complacency. Those that are late are often ruled by a paralyzing fear of upsetting the status quo. They cannot see that they are complicit in the dysfunction until it is almost too late. Honestly, it matters to your karmic life journey, when and what you stand up for. No one can save you from your lessons. Many will try. But all will fail. Your path is yours and yours alone. You create it and those creations will follow you around to assist you is awakening.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon goes into Aries today, giving you a bit more energy to get those much-needed tasks and chores done. You mind feels sharp and more active. While difficulties continue you feel better able to cope with them because you just have more energy. The Moon is also at the half way mark and this can make things difficult with work and family life. Be more careful how you deal with those of the opposite sex.

Don’t start new projects but just finish up what you have on your plate.

Take a look at your life from a new perspective and reassess things from a calmer and more objective viewpoint.

Because of the Venus-Uranus semi-square you may feel that you are caught between wanting closeness and wanting freedom.

You are a bit restless. And that is not a problem but you might feel better if you just try a few detours so you can stimulate your mind in new ways.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Nothing so needs reforming
as other people’s habits.
~Mark Twain~








I learned to love through those who hate. I learned how desperately others really need love and how many in our world have been denied that basic love, connection, and understanding that is essential for a human being to evolve fully into the compassionate beings that they came to be. They taught me that the suffering they feel inside is so great that they cannot contain it anymore and it explodes out of them.
You hear about things that are gateways to drug addiction. And now we know that abuse is really the gateway to addiction.
But someone suffering for a long time silently, is the gateway to hate. Someone who has felt not heard, someone who has suffered in silence for too long, turns to hate.
Someone who felt they did not have a voice, turns to hate. And they hate that which they believe is the cause of their suffering.
But the truth is that they are the cause of their own suffering. Because when you do not stand up for yourself, you allow that suffering to continue. And underneath the feeling of hate and the feeling that they have no voice, is fear.
A fear that they are not good enough. A fear that they have no worth. A fear that needs to be confronted in order for the truth to be revealed.

What this moment in our history has revealed is that there are many more people out there than expected, that have been suffering for way too long. To find a way through their mind, they had to come up with an excuse and a reason for their suffering. It is never easy to take a hard look at yourself and see that your own fear has paralyzed you and left you in a small room with no light or door. The mind has to come up with a reason for such suffering. It is always easier to blame someone weaker than you in that moment.
A stronger person will stand up and tell you the truth about your dysfunction.
But such souls could not tolerate that.

So instead they attack someone weaker than themselves. And align with others that are
suffering just like them. Because when they are surrounded by others of like belief,
they feel stronger and more vindicated for their toxicity, fear, and hatred. The truth is that they cannot stand alone because they are not standing for truth, but pointing out to everyone that is awake, their own weakness, dysfunction, internal pain, and fear.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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