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Numerology/Astrology for 6/24/19

6/24/19 is the number 15 and if you add the 1 + 5 = 6. This number is the number of spirit that guides the heart. The challenge comes in because there are those that believe the divine guides them and their choices but in reality it is not the heart and compassion that leads but the ego and mind instead. It is easy to discern which is in control of your life and actions. When your heart leads, it forgives, accepts others as they are, and finds the connections that create understanding and curiosity. When the mind leads, it finds fault, judges, and separates you from the rest of the world. And that is a terrible way to live. Because it is not really living in this world. Nor would you feel as though you belong to this world. The mind tends to compare and it desires to be better than others. But right now in this world we need to come together. There is enough separation happening in the world. One person’s suffering is too much suffering. One animals suffering is too much suffering. It is time to decide if you can continue to thrive in a world where human silence is the way suffering is allowed to propagate unfettered. This number pulls at your hearts compassionate yearning for peace in the world. Enough hearts have been broken. Enough lives have been shattered. Enough pain has been expressed for hundreds of worlds. We can have a world where suffering is equated with life. It does not need to be that way. But it is up to us to change the framework and function upon which we allow minds to destroy hearts.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Today, life may not move smoothly for you. Family, partners, and friends might be overextended in regard to life and work. While everyone wants to have emotional safety, uncertainty and despondency might be the tone of the day instead. Behavior is somewhat unrealistic but creativity is heightened with Venus squaring Neptune. Know that wishful thinking may not be as clear of a thought process as it may seem. Be careful because you want to believe what you want to believe. You can convince yourself of anything. But that does not make it completely true.

With the Moon Sextile Pluto, there is a desire for adventure and travel. A change of pace is needed to revitalize your energy and soul.

With the Moon trining Mars, your willpower, courage, clarity, and drive are strong. You will step up and take on those that oppose you.

The Moon trines Mercury and you feel that your mind is awakened and your talents desire to find an expression. You have to be quick and reasonable at the same time. Things will improve and alter eventually.

With the Moon in Aries in the evening, you will feel much more energetic and confident. You want movement in decisive ways. Your mind is keen and you assert yourself into a new project.
~Suzanne Wagner~


If you deny freedoms to others
that you have been so generously given,
then you are a frozen child
in an adult body,
and you are afraid.
~Suzanne Wagner~







We live in a fast-paced world where so many feel the need to get to “where ever” they are going and in that rush to be the best we create a world of people who are almost like circus acts. But they lack the depth of subtle artistry that transcends the emotional energetic barriers and lift us beyond the cognitive, known realm and into the etheric spiritual realms. Many years ago just as I stopped dancing professionally, I was asked to teach a class on stress management to the dance department at the University of Utah. And as I spoke to the class, I wanted to focus on the expression of emotional depth rather than focusing so much on perfect technique. While perfect technique is interesting and beautiful to me, it can come across in ballet as a type of tension, anxiety, perfectionism, and striving.
Because I was a dancer, I can feel when someone is using technique to strive for that perfectionism and it makes me tense. It makes me constantly on edge. I have trouble relaxing into the moment, and that type of dancer cannot transport me beyond form into abandon and timeless, eternal, poetry of movement.
There is a difference between a performer and an artist.
A performer does what is required. But an artist stretches things beyond the familiar into the merging of magic that can happen in the body with music and choreography. Not every dancer is an artist but those that are, suspend the striving for some perfection of technique in favor of a flow and intimacy that happens when you step into heart felt, abandon, and joy in the moment through movement. You feel their soul in an intimate way that allows you to move beyond your own body, into theirs, and together you fly for a moment beyond the limitations of body and into spirit.
That is what dancing is all about to me. That is what gave me the juice to keep working so hard. It was that connection between the artist opening and being seen by an audience to the level that they also opened into a place of surprising vulnerability and feeling that energetic connection that for moments you are more than yourself. They are more than themselves and somehow together we are lifting up the struggles of life and making them into art.
It was in those moments, that stress releases through the body in an explosion of creative birthing and together we allow the emotional baggage we carry, to be lifted up and beyond this world and released into another form. In that place, suffering is transcended through joy. Peace replaces struggle. And connection with others becomes the most important thing in this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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