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Numerology/Astrology for 6/23/19

6/23/19 is the number 14 and if you add the 1 + 4 = 5. You can discover what is real if you allow yourself to slow down to the cycles of nature. The mind is quick to think, quick to assume, quick to judge, quick to believe, and quick to lash out. But the mind is always a projection and illusion of the past. The mind tries to figure things out to make you believe that you know something. The mind needs to feel confident in what it knows. The soul would never place value on who or what it is that way. The soul knows that it is a powerful force of life. It knows that it has a purpose and knows that as it walks through time and space, that purpose will continuously present itself. Striving is a thing of the mind and ego. Being is the natural expression of a balanced soul. There is no need to go find something because life will always present the next challenge. Life is here for you to just be and experience. So many now-a-days have an agenda that is all about fulfilling the ego/mind instead of enriching the soul and life here on this beautiful planet. Your purpose is not to allow the ego to direct the soul but for the soul to transform your ego and allow the unfoldment of your full being to be a presence here in this world now.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Be gentle with yourself on Sunday. You are getting ready for an active mid-week as the Moon will move into action sign Aries.

There is a Venus/Jupiter opposition makes you really take ahold of your life and present situations. If you do this opposition might not be negative. You can experience much joy if you keep on track. But if you go in the direction of excess, you can tip the balance towards unhealthy beliefs, projections, choices, and actions. In such a case, outcomes are not favorable and break down what you have been attempting to build. Prudence is required. Notice that indulging actions that go too far will create more problems. Such actions are an indication of a lack of self-discipline. Perhaps you are neglecting cooperating with others. If you will not compromise you will find yourself alone.

While the Moon is still in Pisces it will square Jupiter. This creates patterns where you can have to deal with legal issues and those in authority. If you go too far, they will shut it down. There are disadvantages in love at the moment. Know that this astrology puts pressure on your liver. This is the seat of energy and fire in the body. You may feel exhausted if you have been overdoing and not taking much needed breaks.

The Moon in Pisces will also sextile Saturn. Whether or not you like it, you are being given more responsibility to shoulder. Be organized and steadfast. Face all problems with an open mind and flexible heart. Let your confidence and deliberate actions generate some much-needed enthusiasm.

The Moon squares Venus in Gemini. Emotional moments manifest from risky actions. Inhibitions and tension arise in most areas of love.

There is a Moon Conjunction with Neptune. You desire to be fancy free and your imagination wants to take you for a lunatic ride. Don’t let it. This pattern creates imbalances in the mind and that can pull you in directions of illusion that will not pan out the way you expect. There is a desire to defy those that are harming others. But there will be major consequences and much trouble if you defy those that believe they have the authority to make decisions for you. There are those that have horribly deviated from the truth. They are a danger to the sane and rational minds (still out there) that are attempting to bring illumination to distortion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Your purpose is not to allow the ego
to direct the soul but for the soul
to transform your ego
and allow the unfoldment
of your full being to be a presence
here in this world now.

~Suzanne Wagner~








No one can make anyone do anything that their soul has not evolved yet to understand and embrace. You can teach such people tools that will help them open up and be a flexible and informed mind instead of a vacuous, fear-based mind clinging to illusion. But without those tools that really needed to be taught at a young age, there will be some that will never have the ability to stretch their mental capacity to a place that embraces truth. Then they will just continue this life from the place of projection and fear and wait until another lifetime where they might be able to step beyond the games of the mind and into the heart of the soul within them that is attempting to break through and into their consciousness. And that is the journey that all of us have been on at some point in time. It is the way of growth in this world. It is easy to fall into the traps of the mind because they feel so real and the manifest so quickly and easily. But things that really have value often are searched for, questioned, and picked to pieces until the core essence of truth is filtered past the mind’s games and distortions. If you have an impatient soul that wants everything “Right now!” Then know that you are completely and totally caught in the patterns and projections of the mind. While it is fun, it does not create a fulfilling life. The most valuable things come to those who understand patience and know that there is a right time for all things and they believe that you will know that moment when it comes. Solutions to problems are often simple but they require you to take action. The mind loves to make things so complicated that solving the problem is impossible or so difficult that it is not worth the time and energy. The solutions to today’s problems are simple but they require a new level of commitment from the majority of people. And while that tipping point is tilting more and more in the correct direction, there are those whose motivations are power and greed. They are afraid of losing the control and positions that they have so carefully orchestrated over the years. When you are fighting to protect what is no longer of value, you will fight like a person who has nothing left to loose. And that level of fear is a powerful, negative force. They will hold the intention to take out all who stand in their way. The best way to deal with such people is to step away from them. Let them stand there taunting you to strike so they have justification for their position. Walk around them and simply do what you know you need to do. They will still be standing there waiting for a fight, attempting to pick a fight and afraid to move in any other direction. Such people need an opponent. They want and need to fight because all that power they grabbed was driven by fear and inadequacy. Fighting is an avoidance and distraction from looking at their pitiful existence.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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