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Numerology/Astrology for 6/16/17

6/16/17 is the number 5. Stability is longed for if not found today. But stability is created brick by brick by the choices and decisions that you make in your life. Learning the rules of earth and how earth tests you again and again, forcing you to adapt to this world that runs in sudden and spontaneous ways. Stability is earned by knowing that you will survive no matter what anyone puts out there in the world. The most powerful gift you can fully integrated is adaptability. We are in a time when this skill is essential for each person individually to learn and open to. Holding onto the past and your old dogma’s and beliefs will not give you the feeling or outcome that you wish. Life is about change and learning to change in a consciously loving, stable, and harmonious way is very important to how the future will unfold.
The Sun is opposite Saturn early on Thursday, and Neptune is slowing down to turn retrograde on Friday morning. All of that can have you feeling tired or wanting to retreat from the harsh world. See a movie or meditate and hold off important activities that require energy and a clear mental mind. The Moon moves into energetic Aries at 10:55 am PDT Saturday, and that gets you moving. This is a time for easing up a little as the Moon spends the day in Pisces and aligns with Pisces’ modern ruler, Neptune, which is stationing today. Neptune is now retrograde and will remain retrograde until November 22nd. The station casts a veil over our affairs, and it can be difficult to see things clearly this week. However, the retrograde cycle itself points to a period of taking in and increased receptiveness, even if you are putting some of your dreams on hold. It can be a time of indecision or feeling in limbo, but it can also be a period of inner discovery. The Pisces Moon is compassionate and spiritual and a Mercury-Ceres alignment today is good for growing, improving, and nurturing a project.
~Suzanne Wagner~
I choose to be the sun
and bring light and love
into this place and time.
I choose to be the rain
that soothes and allows
for all the expression of emotion.
I choose to be the fog
that brings the quiet and contemplation.
I choose to be the storm
that cleanses away the old
and brings in the new.
I choose to be the wind
that whispers wisdom
to those who are listening.
I choose to be the ocean
that creates the rhythms
that pound in my head.
I choose to be the fury of a hurricane
when enough is enough.
I choose to know that I cannot
disconnect from what this world offers
and still become a person
who can create impact and positive change.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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